February 18, 2019

My name is Leah More and I recently started studying Events Management at Cardiff Met. I moved here in September 2018 from Chesterfield.

Moving away for uni was the most nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever done – I would be 4 hours away from all my family and friends for up to 4 months at a time.

Now, after just one term, I’ve made lots of friends and things are going great with my course. Here are five of the highlights of my time at uni so far:

1. Moving in day

It was a little scary moving with everything I own in my mum’s car to Cardiff. As soon as we arrived, we were shown to my flat for the next year.

It was definitely worth paying attention to the many university lists of what to take to university with you – they are extremely helpful, as is the university’s accommodation website. I’d really recommend making your own lists too and checking you’ve packed everything the night before!

2. Meeting new people

As soon as I arrived at halls I met my flat mate Menna and we became fast friends – after meeting for about an hour we went to Tesco shopping, and when we first met our other new flat mates they thought we were sisters!

It was slightly awkward for all of us on that first day – the quiz night with pizza that Plas Gwyn halls organised was a great ice breaker, but when we came back to our accommodation, we all sat round the table in the kitchen and dead silence! Literally it was the worst thing that you can think of, everyone was on their phones not talking. You would never have guessed that now – none of us ever shut up!

Luckily there was a flat celebrating across the corridor – me and my flat mate Awen saw them and they were waving us over. We looked at each other and decided to join them. I’m so glad we did – that night I met 4 new people who are now my closest friends at university!

It’s worth being outgoing and friendly towards everyone you meet on your first day – you never know who you will become friends with.

3. The course

I have learned so much from this course from only 3 months of lectures. I’m enjoying it so much. I have met some great people on my course that have helped me to grow. They’ve made me more competitive too, and bringing this side out will really help me in the long run on the course and in industry.

My first day of lectures was scary but also exciting – I met new people and made friends with similar interests. During that first week our lecturers gave us an introduction to the degree, and also provided an exercise to help with making new friends on the course.

It was a group picture and hashtag trail around lots of different places in Cardiff to showcase the city and help us get to know each other.

4. Party time!

It’s time to party! My flatmates and I prefer to stay on campus and have flat parties than going out into town. We play games and listen to music. We had a flat party the first night of university, and since then we’ve had lots of themed parties including a Halloween-eve party where everyone dressed in costumes.

I prefer flat parties to going out because I can talk more and get to know new people. I’ve met new people every time we have had a flat party that have become close friends – much more than people I have met in clubs.

5. Organising our course event

As part of the Events Management course we were split into three groups with each responsible for planning and executing an event. I was put with 10 other individuals to plan and execute a Christmas quiz night with the aim of making a profit on the budget we were given.

We also had to choose which position in the team we wanted – I chose the role of secretary as I had experience in being organised and documenting meetings. We held weekly meetings where we discussed and confirmed ideas for our event.

We had to do a presentation in front of our lecturers and our peers. On the night I was in charge of making the food and serving it to the customers. The event was a great success and resulted in us celebrating in town and having a great night.

There have been lots of highlights this year – I can’t wait to see what next year brings!