April 26, 2017


My day starts with BBC Radio 1 tapping me on the shoulder and waking me from my slumber. Once I’m up and ready it’s off into the kitchen to make myself a big breakfast and food for the day – though you can guarantee I’ll never correctly predict my hunger and won’t make enough food! The best breakfast to keep me fuelled the longest is porridge topped with whichever fruit I’ve bought that week.


Obviously my fruit aim is to make the porridge disappear!

I make the journey from Union State (soon to be Liberty Fields), the private halls where I live, to Llandaff campus with 2 of my course mates, one being my flatmate and one my neighbour from the flat next door. Union State is situated half way in between town and my campus, so it’s handy for wherever I need to go. Plus, the kitchens are all brand new which feels like a luxury compared to most halls I’ve seen.

Taff Trail

The walk along the Taff Trail is gorgeous and a nice little break from the busier areas of Cardiff.

I’m currently studying the foundation health sciences course, so my day consists of squeezing a lot of chemistry and biology information into my brain. I have a handful of lectures on most days, and one or two days a week I’ll have a practical session in the labs. On lab days I mentally prepare myself to be frazzled by a Bunsen burner and frowned at by the technicians with my questionable scientific technique – I don’t blame the technicians at all, it’s definitely my lab competency which is to blame – not their judgement!
In between lectures there’s time to buy some snacks from the student shop and make up for misjudging the amount of food to make in the morning, or relax sitting on the sofas in the management building (whoever thought to put those there is a genius). Or if there’s an assignment due then it’s off to the library.


I try my best to avoid stereotypical unhealthy ‘student’ meals!

Once the uni day is done then it’s back to the flat for dinner, I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve made toad in the hole since I’ve been a student – my absolute favourite and easy to make. Flour is something I’d suggest you buy on your first food shop of the year – pancakes are essential in life! As I plan on studying on the BSc Nutrition course at Cardiff Met after my foundation year, I do manage to put a fair amount of effort into my cooking – minimal stereotypical ‘student’ meals over here!


Joining the weightlifting club has been a highlight of my time here so far.

I am a member of Cardiff Met Olympic Weightlifting Club so if it’s a Monday, Wednesday or Friday and I’m not busy working at my part-time job in a hotel I’ll head out again to go and train. Learning a new sport and training with the guys and girls has been one of the best parts of my uni experience so far.
So after plenty of fun (or frustration depending on my mood) and 2 hours of training I head back to the flat for a shower and to head to bed. I’ve got to get in my 8-9 hours sleep to keep my brain on track.
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