January 31, 2017

As my alarm goes off at 8am, I turn onto my side and decide that it’s time to change the song again. No matter which song you choose, you always end up loathing it don’t you? Oh well. Now I know 8am doesn’t sound too bad, but training didn’t finish till quite late yesterday and when I first wake up I’m always convinced my body could use some more sleep!

If I can’t sneak a little extra sleep, then I’m a firm believer that coffee will always sort me out! Sure enough one big cup later I’m ready to take on the day. I pack everything I’ll need, run through my schedule again in case I’ve forgotten about something and get going. Listening to some tunes while walking up the hill to Cyncoed Campus really starts my day off properly.

I get to campus a bit before my seminar and that gives me just enough time to have a quick catch-up with friends. There’s always someone to say hello to in the Students’ Union or in Bench café.

My seminar starts at 10am and flies by – the next time I check my watch it’s five to eleven! I like these seminar settings because they give us the opportunity to understand the lecture contents better and to discuss specific questions that we have.

At 11 I’m off and running through campus as I have S&C – strength and conditioning training – in NIAC (the National Indoor Athletics Centre). Playing basketball for the Archers and being in a ‘focus group’ gives me the opportunity to attend these sessions. We work very hard.


Putting in the hours for S&C always pays off…


My S&C coaches Chris and Dai are really pushing us today, although I don’t think there is anybody who can push me harder than myself. It’s a great hour in the gym, and I leave feeling strong and pretty exhilarated. I guess that’s what endorphins and singing along to ABBA (yes, they really played ABBA during the session) will do for you!

My psychology lecture is at 12. I arrive 2 minutes late so try my best not to make a sound when I enter the lecture theatre. It’s not so easy to tiptoe after an S&C session! I slip onto the closest seat and start taking notes. This lecture seems to finish quickly as well. I’m doing my dissertation in psychology; perhaps a little extra concentration contributes to this ‘speeding-up’?

After the lecture, I have time to grab lunch with my friends before heading on to my dissertation meeting. I love these meetings. I so often arrive there needing clarification about something I have learned and with many questions in my head, but I always end up leaving feeling great about my project and ready to work on it. This is what I like the most about this Uni; everybody here from the lecturers and tutors to the programme directors is so keen to help you.

Next I have 2 hours to work on my dissertation in the Social Learning Space. Do you ever get into the ‘zone’ when you’re working? After my dissertation meeting the words and ideas are really flowing! I’m making such good progress, I almost don’t want to leave for training – almost!


Fun with the Archers Family!


Training is what I need to finish off the day. I cannot wait to see my teammates, catch up with them and have a great session. We work on so many things, but the two hours seems like nothing, as I’m doing what I love. I get very competitive as usual, but it’s all good because my teammates match me in it – we’re as competitive on the court as we are good friends off it.

One of my teammates gives me a lift home. I’ve got to say that I really appreciate it! After a full day on campus, doing S&C and training for two hours, there’s only one thing left to do… Relax!


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