January 12, 2016

I start every week day off with exercise, and generally, this is my workout timetable:

  • Monday – Jogging
  • Tuesday – Swimming
  • Wednesday – Boxercise
  • Thursday – Squash
  • Friday – Core Fitness

For me, this is the most important part of my day! It gets me in the right mindset and makes me feel good about myself, as it means I have achieved something that morning other than showering and brushing my teeth. I have found that since I’ve done this morning routine, my work ethic has increased massively.

My favourite type of exercise is either squash or swimming; I use theswimming pool and squash courts at University, as in fairness they do have great facilities. I really enjoy swimming as its really good for your joints, your general fitness and you don’t get sweaty clothes afterwards (which is ideal).

A day in the life of Alwyn

Squash is also great as it is easy to play competitively with a friend. I’ve found that competitive sport is a great to get a good workout. This is because you are focusing so much on the game that you don’t even realise how much you’re working! I see this as a ‘cheat’ way of getting a good workout.

After exercise, I walk to University to attend the English & Creative Writing lectures I have that day. Depending on which module it’s for, the lectures will either be fun and interesting or it will seem really long – there are always going to be some modules that you just aren’t into.

Saying this, I only have one module this year, which I am not too fond of. In contrast my two favourites are ‘Modern and Contemporary Writing’ as well as the ‘Auto/biographical’ module. A big part of these being my favourites is the fact that the lecturers are passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about the subjects they teach. If the lecturer is enjoying himself or herself then it is more than likely that you will too.

After my lecture, I’ll head home and make time to eat and relax for an hour or two. It’s really important that you just have a time in the day where you relax and watch something, go for a walk or play piano, anything. It’s important to have this time so you don’t burn out and you have time to recharge; just make sure, ‘one or two hours’ doesn’t turn into ‘the rest of the day’! To avoid this happening I always set myself a cut off point to start doing work.

Then comes the evenings; I do a few different things in my evenings so I will list them for you:

  • Monday – I attend the Rhiwbina Baptist Church bible study.
  • Tuesday – I have the Christian Union Society committee meeting (I have the role as Male President of the society).
  • Wednesday – There is the Christian Union society Cyncoed Campus bible study.
  • Thursday – I have the Christian Union society meeting, where all the members attend.
  • Friday – Free evening – I usually do something with my friends.
  • Saturday – As I play piano at the Christian Union Society meetings on Thursdays, usually I will start learning the songs for next week.
  • Sunday – I attend Highfield’s church, either in the morning or evening – depending on if I want a longer lie in that day! I am also being trained with operating their PA system, which is fun 🙂

I enjoy every single one of my evenings; I don’t think I could possibly pick out a favourite, but I do especially love doing stuff for the Cardiff Met Christian Union Society. I have been involved in it for the three years whilst at Cardiff Met, and I have made great friends through it.

When I’m done with all of the evening events I attend, I’ll head back home and read one of the three books that I am currently reading. The three types of books I always have on the go are; books I need to read for my course, Christian books to develop my faith and more general books that I like the look of, which aren’t too intense.

I find that it’s a good idea to read before bed as if you are someone who watches TV/Netflix or goes through your Facebook/Twitter feed before bed, this can actually mess with being able to effectively fall asleep. This is because the bright screens hinder the development of melatonin, which is a hormone that promotes sleep. When I have read a minimum of one/two chapters, I’ll get ready for bed and turn the light off at about 11pm.