January 18, 2016

I live with my partner in a flat which is a 10-minute walk away from the Llandaff campus. My family home was too close to the University and therefore I was not allocated a room in the halls of residence; at the time I was afraid of not being able to fit in and make friends, however two years down the line I have made a lots – some I consider my lifelong friends.

I am a third year student studying Environmental Health* and on an average day of my studies I would go to my lectures and spend my time with my friends. If we have lectures in the afternoon as well then we enjoy a catch up over food in one of the food areas on campus, for instance The Gallery Café, which sells delicious sandwiches and Panini’s. Sometimes we like to eat in the Management building, this has a Costa coffee in it and sells a variety of different foods such as hot meals and deli sandwiches.

When I’m back at my flat in the evening, I would usually work at my assignments that are due in and spend time with my partner who is also studying at the University.

As a valleys girl, the city is a very different environment; there are a lot more people here and the first thing I noticed was how busy it is, how much traffic there is – there are so many people going through the city regardless what time it is.

The World Cup Rugby Ball in the Wall

The World Cup Rugby Ball in the Wall

Living and studying in Cardiff is amazing. I live half an hour away from my family and it takes half an hour to walk or a 10-minute bus journey to get into the city centre where I can do some shopping, and I recently supported the runners in the Cardiff half marathon. Being close to the city centre is brilliant when you want to be involved in the different activities that are going on, for example the Rugby World Cup. I also live very close to the Cardiff City Stadium and if there is a game in the stadium I can hear the fans screaming! I love that everything is so close together and you can walk to places if you don’t have a car.

The nightlife at Cardiff is very fun, there are always places to go and we always have a fun course night out. When my degree comes to an end in the summer next year I know I will definitely miss the busy lifestyle of living in the city and may not want to leave!

*To learn more about Environmental Health, keep an eye out for my next blog post!