January 21, 2016

8am and my radio begins to play; today I need to be at uni at 10am which is like most days. I pop down stairs to get some breakfast and some of my house mates are up and heading off whilst some looking a little worse for wear after last night’s partying!

I live in Cathays now which is near the centre of Cardiff and is the student area so there are always people around you know, and you can never go on a night out without seeing several people you know from your course or halls in first year. My house is about a 50-minute walk to uni or a 25-minute bus ride, but I find the best mode of transport is a bike. Cycling through the park down the River Taff is always something I look forward to, as it is half an hour of relaxing and admiring the view, whilst your legs do all the work!


Today I have a lecture for an hour but other than that I am free to work in the studios on my project; the Ceramics studios are always busy and the atmosphere is great. It is like a family! After my lecture I went downstairs to the potter’s wheels to throw some bowls. The first years where having a throwing class from Duncan but they are always willing to find space for you to work and anyways I wanted to catch up with them to see how their social went the other night!

A picture of Charlotte Manser

After throwing some clay and eating lunch, my friend and I then went to the library to do some artist research for our project. The library has an amazing collection of journals and for ceramics there is a special room with books that are over 100 years old, and even interviews a past student did with Grayson Perry on tape! It is just fascinating sometimes to look through all of this stuff even if you are not going to use it in your project.

I then had to head back home for lacrosse training. So I cycled back down the River Taff in the beaming sunlight (which is unusual as we live in Wales). Quickly got home and got changed then got the bus to Cyncoed Campus. We have a match tomorrow so we were doing some Attack v Defence drills that were fun, but tiring. They were also talking about the social tomorrow; apparently we are dressing up as cave men – should be interesting!

After walking from the bus home I was just thinking about what to have for dinner when I walked through my front door and my housemate had made a roast and asked if I wanted some, which was a nice surprise! So top to off a fun and productive day my housemates and I had a nice roast dinner together. Perfect.