March 25, 2020

Ruby in the studio

My name is Ruby Harry and I am studying my final year of Fashion Design at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Throughout the three years of my course I’ve been passionate about designing clothing that is important to me on some level, and that portrays a message to my audience.

Because of this, when I entered the Professional Clothing Awards PCA Vision design competition I was inspired by my brother, who is a helicopter pilot.

The competition brief was to create an innovative and functional range of workwear, corporate wear or protective equipment. The finished product would need to be in line with current trends and also practical. Clothing for a pilot would need to be fire retardant, waterproof and extremely durable.

For my entry I designed clothing for both male and female wearers, that have all had technical attributes of practicality.

I feel that the competition is really pushing me as a designer. On my fashion design course, I usually specialise in womenswear, and I love adding feminine textile aspects to my work. My PCA Vision entry is very different from my normal style, which will help me to be more open to different directions in my fashion discipline, like menswear and sportswear.

I created a nine-page portfolio for the competition demonstrating a creative line-up of 6 garments for both male and female pilots. Further on from this I chose two final garments, providing a detailed description on how they would perform functionally and listing some of the most important aspects of them.   

I’ve also been working with my tutors towards sourcing the right materials for the uniform. I’m looking at practicality, but also at which materials will enhance the garment and keep it up to date with modern trends.

Throughout my three years studying Fashion Design at Cardiff Met I have been able to develop my pattern cutting skills, which are key in enabling me to create my designs in real life. I’m now at the stage of creating the patterns for my garments, and I’ll begin constructing them as soon as I have the right materials. The industrial sewing machines in the studios will enable my garments to have the most professional finish possible.

I believe this project will help me to further my career in fashion. I’ll be able to include it in my portfolio, which I can take to interviews and work experience placements. It will show that I am able to step outside of my comfort zone and not only design womenswear but also branch out into menswear, sportswear and more.

Ruby working on patterns
Getting to work on some of my patterns

It’s exciting to push yourself into an area of fashion you haven’t experimented with before and try out completely new styles. This will all be demonstrated in my graduate portfolio, so I will be able to not only show employers my final collection but also my entry for this competition and several others I have taken part in thanks to the Fashion Design course at Cardiff Met.