March 25, 2020

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Plas Gwyn is self-catered accommodation for Cardiff Met students studying on Llandaff campus. Flats contains eight rooms, each with desk, wardrobe and shelf space (and my favourite part the mini fridge). The en-suite, although tiny, has a shower, sink and toilet.

The kitchen is substantial in size, though if eight were to cook at the same time, it would be a little cramped, luckily students sleep a lot so it’s unlikely. There’s a microwave, kettle, oven, hob and upon arrival, most flats buy a toaster too (we purchased a stool to reach top cupboards as we’re all short). Everyone gets cupboards space and a shelf in the fridge and freezer, this sounds small, but you’ll quickly get used to it. Be warned, the kitchen will start smell if no-one takes the bins out (experience….).

Laura plas gwyn halls
The shared kitchen at Plas Gwyn Halls there’s a microwave, oven, kettle, hob, fridge and freezer!

Plas Gwyn is a 12-15-minute walk to Llandaff campus, but a 10-minute powerwalk if you’re up late (also from experience). The walk is along a residential road, past Llandaff Cathedral and then a cycle path. There is a longer way along main roads that takes 25 (ish) minutes if needed.

Check out the video below to see the walk to uni!

Watch Ved and Youseff’s walk from Plas Gwyn halls to Uni!

Whilst Plas gwyn is near uni, it’s not as close to the city centre (45-to-60-minute walk). Cardiff Met offers deals for bus passes, which I would definitely recommend – I have got much use out of mine and saved so much money. The nearest bus stop is ‘BBC studios’ where buses 62 and 63 take you to town. From the ‘Rowing club’ bus stop (also very close), the 24 goes to town. These buses take 20-minutes to reach the centre and run regularly, the last one departing at 10:50 (for your night out!)

Other useful buses are the MetRiders: M1, M2 and M3 going from ‘BBC Studios’ to Cyncoed campus (handy for exams and if you’re on a sports team), they also go to Cathays (an area where 2nd/3rd year’s live and where I go to CU and church, so I used these a lot!).

As I am studying dietetics, I love cooking, but even if you only eat pasta/pizza/pot-noodle, you’ll still need a supermarket. Plas gwyn has a few nearby:

  • the closest is Spar on Llandaff high street – handy when you’ve drunk all your milk.

  • Next closest is Coop – a bit pricey for students but it does have its uses.

  • Lidl is a 15-minute walk away (20-minute back when you’re weighed down by food).

  • Aldi is a 15-minute walk from campus, I personally think the extra walk is worth it, plus the M1/M2 stops nearby so you don’t have to trek back.

  • There is also a huge Tesco extra 10 minutes from uni – great for items you can’t find anywhere else.

So, all in all, whatever food you eat, you’ll be well supplied!

If you’re into exercise, there’s a FREE gym on campus, located in the SU. The nearest Parkrun is in Bute Park, a 15-minute jog from Plas Gwyn.

Plas Gwyn also has a sports area (football/basketball/cricket etc.), games room and a cinema room. Furthermore, whilst it may not be recreational, it is essential to do your washing using the 24/7 Circuit Laundry room.

I have a great group of friends in my flat, but also on my course, from sports, from CU and through church. I even have friends studying at other uni’s!

If you’re not into exercise, don’t fear, there are many societies (have a look at here) to join. Settling in and finding students with similar interests is so much easier via societies and the proximity so many students in the city! For example, from first year, I have a great group of friends in my flat, but also on my course, from sports, from CU and through church. I even have friends studying at other uni’s! There are so many opportunities!

One of the benefits of staying at Plas Gwyn over private halls is MetRes – these guys essentially provide free experiences – I have been for cinema trips and eaten dominoes, and friends have been to ice hockey games, rubgy matches, yoga classes and cooking classes.

Thank you for reading this! If you have any questions feel free to message me (Laura) @Elfy_Living