May 21, 2020


As a first year Fashion Design student at Cardiff Met, I’ve learnt how to sew to industry standard, and have produced a wide range of different garments.

The course has also helped me develop the ability to create and adapt patterns, so when the COVID-19 lockdown began, this gave me the confidence and skills to create my own reusable facemasks.

I wanted to create a more appealing mask that would be comfortable to wear, so I created a pattern using some material I’d collected to help protect workers.

I rang up some local care homes to see what their requirements were for Personal Protectice Equipment (PPE), and if they needed any.

The staff at Cherry Tree Care Home in Caldicot were really happy to hear that I could provide them with masks, so I spent the weekend making them –  I was so happy to be sewing again!

Cherry Tree Staff
The staff at Cherry Tree Care Home were really pleased with their masks!

I managed to make twenty-five masks that weekend to donate to the care home. When I arrived, they were very pleased to have them – disposable ones are expensive for everyday use, so having access to reusable masks was beneficial for the workers.   

It felt great that I could help others whilst they were in need, but also to be sewing again. Whilst in lockdown it’s provided me with something to both occupy my time and help me revise the skills I’ve learned from my course.

All the fabric I use is recycled and 100% cotton.

Shortly after this, I was called in to work, as they needed more staff. Throughout the day, many of the other workers noticed my home-made mask and complimented me on it. This gave me the encouragement to make more.

Soon I was being offered money for material, the cost of elastic and my time to make more. I started selling my bespoke masks to people in my local area, before expanded to sell them online through my Instagram and Facebook page @Cutesews. All of my masks are made from recycled material and 100% cotton.

So far I’ve sold masks to people in lots of different areas such as Devon, Bristol and Cheltenham through my social media accounts.

Both my course mates and tutors have provided me with support throughout the production of the masks, and I’m really grateful to the Fashion Design team at Cardiff Met for providing me with the technical knowledge I needed.