July 7, 2017

Sarah and family

Graduating after studying a BA in Textiles has to be one of my proudest moments yet!
I remember waking up with a mixture of feelings; excited and nervous all at the same time. Excited to spend the day celebrating with family and friends. Yet nervous about tripping up whilst walking across the stage to collect my degree certificate. I’m not used to walking in heels. Thankfully I made it across in one piece!
My family and I drove to the ceremony which is held at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay during the morning of graduation. When we arrived, the atmosphere was lively with lots of happy faces. So lovely to see. We were greeted by the graduation team and directed to collect our cap and gown.

Sarah graduating

Looking sharp in my cap and gown!

I pictured myself looking like Hermione at Hogwarts for the day! As a Harry Potter fan I was most excited! I met a few of my course friends there and we went upstairs to collect the cap and gown together. It was so nice to see the girls have their gowns fitted, I felt so proud of us. I couldn’t get over how quickly the three years had gone by. We’ve had so much fun and so many happy memories living and studying together. Anyway, let’s not get too emotional just yet, we’ll be having our photos taken next…
I was in two minds whether to get my photo taken professionally but then thought I’d regret it if I didn’t as graduating is a big deal. Plus my Nan wanted my photo framed and up on the ‘graduation wall’ in her house. She’s a proud lady. So I went into the photography room and had my photo taken. It was a funny experience as the photographer was super enthusiastic and made me feel like a model. “Yes! Wonderful! Now turn to the left a little more. Brilliant! Lovely smile!” – I’ve never had so many compliments in all my life. The photo was complete, next, GRADUATION!

It’s got to be done…

Walking into the main hall was mesmerising, what a beautiful venue to graduate in. We were given seat numbers which I believe were in alphabetical order in our course groups. Once we found our seats we were like children all over again turning around waving to our family and friends who came to watch. They were seated towards the back on higher tiers. Once everyone was seated the ceremony began. Row by row and course by course we were called onto the stage.
By this point my heart was racing a million miles per hour and I couldn’t stop smiling. Cheering and clapping for each graduate as they walked across the stage to shake the Vice Chancellors hand. Fortunately, no one tripped up and it all went smoothly! I remember when it was my turn to go, I decided to bow to the vice chancellor and my hat slipped off my head. Luckily I caught it. Advice here people, make sure you measure your head properly! Other than that, I absolutely loved the whole experience.
Sarah and friend

We all had so much fun on the day!

Photos took place after the ceremony with family and friends outside the Millennium Centre. It was a gorgeous sunny day so we couldn’t have asked for better. Yes, we had a photo throwing our hats up in the air smiling like cheshire cats! It was fantastic. A memory that will stay with me for the rest of my life.
All the best to everyone graduating. Enjoy it and crack open a bottle of champagne, you deserve it!
Watch our Class of 2016 graduation video below, or read more about Life After Uni.