March 18, 2020

Holly and friends in Paris

Being able to visit the beautiful city of Paris with the Cardiff Met Fashion Design course was an amazing experience!

As soon as Paris comes to mind, many people immediately think of fashion. It’s the home of haute couture, along with contemporary ready-to-wear clothing. So, when it comes to primary research and building an understanding of fashion, lots of us on the course jumped at the opportunity to visit this exciting city.

Our first day in Paris was mostly for getting our bearings of the city. Our first stop was to visit the flea markets which take place every Monday, and are a great place for tourists.

Unfortunately, due to the bad weather they were shut! However, this gave us the opportunity to visit the incredible Galeries LaFayette mall, also known as a fashion lover’s heaven!  It was full of luxurious clothing from a wide spectrum of brands which was perfect for us to gather the first part of our primary research.

The project brief that our lecturers had given us at the start of our trip was to design a shirt inspired by a certain brand, portraying a particular trend along with some military aspects. So, as you can imagine, every time a shirt came into view a thorough analysis was undertaken, with lots of notes being stored in our phones!

The next day we tried to squeeze in as much as we possibly could. We managed to visit the beautiful Merci concept store, The Louis Vuitton Foundation which was a mind opening experience, and – of course – the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe!

We also visited a few more stores such as Louis Vuitton and Zara for some more primary research. We found it extremely useful being able to visually see how certain garments and styles make the transition from high-end stores to the high street. The Merci concept store especially added to our research – everything inside was unique and completely different to anything we had seen within a single store before.

Everything we did that day was amazing, but the Louis Vuitton Foundation was a brilliant experience. Every room had something different to offer from art work, to interior design and even a bamboo room! It is definitely worth visiting and you could spend hours walking around taking everything in and learning new things as you go along.

On our final day, we were given the opportunity to attend Premier Vision Paris. This is an international event that’s absolutely key for people within the fashion or textiles industry.

The event showcased a plethora of yarns, fabrics, accessories and much more…all under one (very big!) roof. Running alongside this, there were hourly talks taking place covering an assortment of topics.

The stand-out seminar that grabbed our attention was the sustainability talk with Andras Forgacs, Kenji Higashi and Femke Zijlstra. Within the fashion design course, sustainability is a key feature that we need to showcase within our work, so being able to hear live talks from professionals within the industry gave us the opportunity to collect fresh, innovative ideas to include in our projects.

Overall Paris was a wonderful experience with so much to offer! All of us who went on the trip would also like to give a huge thank you to our lecturers Sian and Alison who planned and made the trip run smoothly.

Group at Eiffel Tower
Visiting Paris was a fantastic learning experience

If you are ever thinking of going to Paris it is definitely worth the visit, especially if you are a fashion lover like me and all of the people on the course! We all took something away from the trip and were given the opportunity to view fashion through the eyes of Paris, something most of us had never done before.

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