February 6, 2020

Cardiff Met Student Tora

When I was just a little boy, I always wanted to explore the world, meet people from other cultures, and travel to iconic places. With this in mind, I started my journey from my home in Thailand, to Cardiff Metropolitan University, where I’m now studying MSc Fashion Marketing Management.

After graduating from university in Thailand, I started my own High Luxury Street brand. I aspired to grow the brand to a global brand, so people would recognise it alongside Louis Vuitton, or Gucci! To do this I would need to have an in-depth knowledge of Fashion Marketing, so I started looking for options to study abroad.

When I first started looking, I realised that it may be a struggle for me to study abroad, as I would need financial support. But I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from following my dreams. I visited a study agency in Thailand called Win Westminster, and they happened to let me know some amazing news. The councillor there, Alice, told me about Cardiff Metropolitan University, which had a 50% Scholarship for international students from South East Asia. Even better, Cardiff Met is located in the city of Cardiff, which is considered to be the safest and most affordable city in the UK. Cardiff Met has a Fashion Marketing Management course, so I was so happy to find out about it.

After applying to Cardiff Met, I was lucky enough to be offered a place, and receive the scholarship. I was so happy, and would be going to follow my dream in Cardiff. After an anxious wait, I received my visa to study in the UK. It was then I realised I was going to miss Thailand, especially Thai food, however excited I was to study in Cardiff! Before leaving Thailand, I visited the temple, and asked for good luck on my travels, and during my time studying in Cardiff.

Tora stands in front of a red bus
Visiting iconic places in the UK

When I first came to Cardiff, there was an international support team at the university who helped not only me, but all of the international students. They arranged almost everything for us. They provided us with a coach to travel from London Heathrow Airport to Cardiff, our new home. Once we’d arrived at the university, all of the staff were really friendly and helpful – they helped me find my way around when I was lost!

I got a chance to meet with people from many different countries around the world, such as Malaysia, India, USA, China, and South Korea. It was really fun talking to them, I learned a lot from them and got to explore their cultures.

At Cardiff Metropolitan University, there are many buildings and facilities that I find very interesting. I study in the Management Building, but I often visit the Art and Design Building. There are many designers and students who study fashion design, graphic design, or product design. I love going to look at their work.

I’m really enjoying my course, it’s really relevant to what I am doing with my own brand, and the lecturers have a lot of experience in the fashion industry. I’ve enjoyed learning about different marketing channels that luxury brands use to create awareness, and let people know what the brand stands for.

As well as my course, I enjoy spending time in Cardiff. I enjoy walking to the city centre, as it’s always busy with people, and things going on. There are often musicians playing in the city centre, and I love to listen to their music. So many people are friendly here, and they always smile. This is my first time in the UK, and my first time in Europe, and I’m really enjoying it.