January 31, 2020

Ted Ariaga headshot

When I first made the decision to further my studies via a Master’s education, the two key questions I had to answer were “what” & “where”. What course did I intend to pursue and at what university? Over the course of researching academic institutions, I came across a plethora of options, each with its own benefits. This admittedly made the decision a lot more difficult than I expected it to be. Then I came across Cardiff Met.

I found the various programmes they offered in the School of Technologies to be highly impressive and in line with the kind of future I was looking to build for myself. For that among many other reasons, I decided I was going to apply to study for an MSc in Information Technology Management.

Before arriving at Cardiff Met, I had no idea how things were going to turn out. All I knew for certain was that I intended to do well there – but how exactly I was going to do that was still unclear. The first couple of days were daunting, like all new things are, but I was quickly able to adjust with the help of my professors who did their best to ensure that other students like myself followed along and were properly adjusted to the curriculum.

Ted sitting at his computer
Industry experts from various fields in Tech provide insights and best practices as part of the course.

The university was able to provide every resource I could possibly need over the course of my study. From a comprehensive online research library which contains various academic journals and papers to aid my research work, to software programmes you can access through your student account on any computer at any time via AppsAnywhere; Cardiff Met perfectly embodies the great advantages of modern education without neglecting the human aspects for a more wholesome academic experience. Supervisors and professors are approachable and always available to provide advice and support in any way that they can. I was also fortunate enough to have industry experts from various fields in Tech attend seminars and workshops organised by my module leaders to further stimulate our understanding and expand on concepts we had been taught earlier in class, as well as give insights into the various day-to-day activities by which they employ these concepts. The programme structure allowed for more independent research with my peers along with presentations opportunities, which greatly impacted my understanding on the subject matter and how to effectively communicate my point across to an audience.

Ted Ariaga headshot
I have gained not only technical knowledge and proficiency, but also a valuable network of contacts.

Overall the simplest way to describe my time at Cardiff Met is “wholesome”. I have gained not only technical knowledge and proficiency, but also research-based thinking and critical thinking – all together culminating in a well-rounded experience. I have also been able to establish valuable relationships with peers as well as professors, which I am certain to leverage regardless of whatever path my career takes. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone looking to further advance themselves beyond the realms of a regular education.