January 25, 2018

Annie in shop

Halfway through my second year at Cardiff Met I am beginning to reflect on my journey as a student so far. The transition from Fresher to second year is a big one, one that is hard and at times stressful, but a very rewarding experience nonetheless!

Here are my top 5 tips for transitioning from first year to second year:

1. Stay on top of your workload

It will feel like you have been given twice as much work to do with less time to do it in. Start by working out when your deadlines are and plan when to do your work around these – don’t leave it all until the last minute!

Notepads and diary

Being organised will make the transition a lot easier!

2. Keep on socialising

In second year you are no longer a ‘newbie’ – you know your course, you know your way around Uni and of course you know your friends. Take advantage of the time before the stresses of third year to have a healthy social life, keeping a good balance between work and socialising.

Group of friends

By second year you’ll have made some great friends – make sure you keep in touch with them!

3. Get to know Cardiff a bit more

You will undoubtably feel more comfortable in the city compared to this time last year, so go and explore it. Most student housing is in the Cathays/Roath area with some great spots around Albany Road (a must-visit location for charity shop lovers). The year will fly by before you know it so start exploring now!

Roath Park

Explore the city while you can – there are some hidden gems!

4. Look after yourself

Most of you will be living in a student house for the first time – a place of freedom, fun times, and inevitably germs! Moving away from halls means moving away from scheduled cleaning so you will have to take matters into your own hands. Basically, keep on top of cleaning your home as no-one else is going to do it for you. Don’t let your home turn into a tip!


Take some time to make your second year student house your own.

5. Plan your summer

The upcoming summer of second year is, for most people, the last of the long summer holidays before graduation and the reality of the big wide world comes caving in. Plan the three months you get off carefully, making the most of each day: why not go travelling? Or find a summer placement/ internship?


The summer holidays after second year might be your last big break – make the most of them!

The transtition can be scary, particularly when you are required to do a lot more independent learning, however you have to keep in the mindset of why you came to Uni in the first place, and what drew you to study your course! As daunting as it is, try and enjoy yourself – stay passionate about your course, be mindful of the workload and most of all, have fun.

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