January 22, 2018

I am originally from Bedford, England, but I moved to a little village in South Wales where there is not much to do when I was younger.
I really liked Cardiff as a city and a campus due to the fact that I live about 30 minutes from the city centre, and a few years back I had to sit a science exam at the Cyncoed campus. I really liked the feel of the university, and that’s why I came here.
I live in the typical student area of Cathays. I find Cardiff a really accessible safe city to live in – there’s plenty to do!
Primary Education Studies seemed like the natural course for me. I have always wanted to be a primary school teacher. I definitely feel more guys should consider it, as it is such a rewarding job, and schools (especially in Wales) are looking for male teachers as there are so few of them around.
The course itself is challenging but also very rewarding. You get to meet lots of different people both within and outside of the university. It also enables you to go into schools and gain experience of working with children, which is obviously massively important to anyone thinking about going into teaching.
This course is also good as setting you up for the future – we look at what education is going to be like in years to come – for example how it might use new technology.

Will and Max

Will and I clicked right away – we were the only guys in our house in first year!

It’s a really friendly course too. We’ve had a few course socials to get to meet and speak to everyone on our course and they’ve been really successful. Every Primary Education Studies class in my year has a group chat where we talk to each other about everything from work to organising nights out!
It’s also really helpful when there is a presentation due as you get to know who you are presenting to – it takes the pressure off a bit!
My mate Will and I have become a bit of a double act on the course – we clicked right from the start as it was just me and him living with seven girls, so it was nice to have some male company!
In the future I’d like to either apply for a Masters or the PGCE course here – preferably I’d like to do the masters first and then move on from that.
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