November 21, 2017

When you first arrive at university it can be a daunting and nerve-wracking experience. Maybe you’re a long way from home, or you’ve never been on your own before. It can be hard.
Luckily this is something that soon changes. You’ll meet some amazing new friends and immerse yourself in uni life and the beautiful city of Cardiff too, if you study here.
When I started uni last year I found it difficult to get to know people studying on my course though. I had plenty of friends, but meeting others on Primary Education Studies was a challenge. We mostly just knew each other from lectures so it was all a bit rigid.
I decided I had to do something to make it easier. I got together with Jade, the student rep for the school, and we created the Primary Education Studies Society at the end of last term. I became the Chairman.
It was difficult starting our own society at first. Initially it didn’t take off very well at all, and we found ourselves struggling to get people involved.
However, a couple of months into the new academic year and I can now say the complete opposite is true. We have over 60 members, and really wide variety of events planned. There’s stuff like socials and pub golf nights, but it’s not just about going out. We’ve got two award winning head teachers coming in as guest speakers, a team building day at Cardiff City Mazes, comedy nights and quiz nights lined up – we have something for everyone!


signing up

There was lots of interest at the Freshers’ Fayre!

While I wouldn’t go so far in saying the society has changed my life, it really has had a major impact on my time here at university, helping to create a diverse little ‘family’ for me. As well as meeting other students I’ve been able to and build key relationship with schools and other outside agencies. The opportunities have been endless, and so beneficial for everyone involved.
Throughout your time at university societies are a great way to make friends, build professional relationships and gain valuable experience that you might not get otherwise – and who doesn’t want to get involved with socials, events and trips away?!
Best of all you’ll be creating bonds with likeminded individuals with the same goals as you!
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