June 18, 2018

Ruby Harrison

If you are a little anxious about leaving home and diving deep into the scary world of university don’t fear – you are most certainly not the only person feeling a little homesick. So, whether you are starting Uni in a few months’ time, or a fresher reading this with a hangover, there are plenty of things you can do to bring the comfort of home back.

One easy fix, and something I definitely did as a fresher, is to fill your room with all your home knick-knacks to making it feel like a homely and familiar space. Being surrounded by all your favourite items – cushions, books, ornaments etc – really creates an air of homeliness and comfort.

Similarly, lots and lots of photos of friends and families are essential! Both myself and one of my flatmates in halls had a wall dedicated to family photos. Not only does it make for great decoration, but you will also feel closer to your loved ones and can look through them if you are ever feeling lonely (but that’s unlikely to happen because people will constantly be in and out of your room!).

Ruby out

Before you know it you’ll make some great friends who’ll take your mind off missing home.

I think one of the best ways to deal with homesickness is to book your train ticket for your first visit home, or for your parents first visit to your exciting new life! This ensures that you have a family visit to look forward to, and that may help keep you going when you feel lost.

I know I definitely looked forward to seeing my loved ones. It’s odd, once you go to Uni, you see your family differently. I now see my mum as my best friend and when I’m at Uni, and I message her all the time. But it’s not because I’m homesick – it’s because I want to let her know about all the exciting career ‘stuff’ I’m getting up to!

Having all these ideas under your belt, do whatever you need to do to feel more comfortable. The main thing is to remember that these feelings will subside over time. The craziness and busyness of Uni life will soon have you forgetting your homesickness and having a fantastic, fun-filled time. And you’ll probably find that when you do go home-home, you’ll miss your Uni-home.

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