January 30, 2020

Cardiif Met Student Tania from Bangladesh

My name is Tania Sultana, I’m from Bangladesh, and I’m currently studying BA Accounting at Cardiff Metropolitan University. I first moved to the UK from Bangladesh back in 2015, when I moved to live in London. However living in London proved to be far too expensive, so I started to research other options. This is when I discovered Cardiff.

Once I had learnt about Cardiff, I attended an Open Day at Cardiff Metropolitan University. From that first day, I realised that this was the place for me – this is where I wanted to study. All of the staff and lecturers were so friendly and helpful, which made me feel comfortable.

The course I am studying is undergraduate Accounting, and I’m finding it really interesting. It has a real mix of modules, from Financial Reporting and Management, through to Auditing and Business Law. I’m really enjoying the Audit and Assurance module, which involves looking at the finances of big companies, to make sure they are doing everything right. You have to think critically and look for faults with these big companies, I really love it!

Now that I am a student, lecturers are always happy to help whenever I have a question or a problem. You never need to struggle by yourself with your assignments, as there will always be someone to help, or services available at the university to assist you. From the amazing staff, through to the great library and IT facilities, everything here is too good! It makes life easy.

One of the best things about living in Cardiff is that it is a low cost city. And it’s also a small and easily accessible city. It means you can find everything you need without having to spend your whole time running around everywhere! Whether you’re looking for Halal food, or specialist textiles and jewellery, you’ll be able to find it easily in Cardiff.

It’s also really easy for International Students to live in. Accommodation costs are low here, and it’s easy to find a part time job if you want to work for your 20 hours during term time. And of course the food is great too. There’s a road called City Road, where you can find food from all over the world. It’s my favourite place to go and eat in Cardiff!

There are many International Students from Cardiff Met, from India, China, Nigeria, however I always feel there should be more students from Bangladesh here! It is such a fantastic opportunity to study here, that I hope more of my fellow Bangladeshis join me to make the most of this fantastic university!