February 13, 2018

Sarah Molyneux

From the outside in, the discipline of Graphic Communication may just appear to be all about designing logos and the occasional poster. But it is so much more!

Over these last three years I have really developed in not only my design skills, but my thought process and ability to research, as well as improving on my time management. The joy of design is that what you’re working on is always changing. Take now for example – I’m currently working on five projects simultaneously, all are different in terms of the topic, outcome and deadline! Cardiff Met has given me an insight as to how the design world works, and what is expected from a designer.

Zenith Offices

Visits to clients like Zenith Media for live projects are a great way to learn more about life as a designer.

I have been lucky enough to work on live briefs, including one for Size of Wales (a charity based in Wales) in my second year. For this project I created a promotional video showcasing their campaigns. It really took me out of my comfort zone as I was working with film and sound equipment. It was during this project that I felt like I was starting to develop a professional manner when dealing with clients. There’s lots of emails and meetings involved, so it’s all good practice. It’s also a great opportunity to create relationships – the clients you meet through university set briefs could become future customers! I also know a few people on my course who took part in work experience during the holidays as a result.

Another live project, another visit to an amazing looking creative agency office! This one is Brand Sixty-Eight in Cardiff Bay.

For my final year I have also worked on another live project with Derwen, a local housing organisation. This project involved group work and lots of presenting. As much as presentations can be daunting, I have definitely found the experience rewarding, as I can see that I have improved greatly from my first year!

Also, as a part of the course you have the chance to travel to places such as India and Morocco. I have seen lots of students take their experiences from these trips and base their projects around it. The photos I have seen are amazing! As with live projects, students have been known to have a continued relationship with people they have met on their trips abroad, leading to future internships and work. There are also many opportunities available a little closer to home, such as a recent trip to London to the 4 Designers


At the 4 Designers talk in London – it was really useful!

Our tutors are always posting current voluntary and paid design jobs for us to have a go at, and the uni’s CareerHub site lists lots of roles too. Because design is pretty much in everything we do, see and go, there is just an abundance of areas to choose from. Graphic Communication includes, but is not limited to: branding, photography, screen printing, illustration, film, typography, and much more.

Green Screen

There’s much more to Graphic Communication than designing posters and logos – for example, photography can play a really important part in our work too.

The course has opened my eyes up to a world of endless choices as to what direction I would like to pursue after I graduate. The great thing about it is that you can apply the skills that you have learnt to many different areas, for example advertising and print publication.

The tutors are always there to talk through possible internship options, and there’s a really helpful careers service to help with like interview preparations and CVs. I have managed to find some work placements through Cardiff Met’s careers fair too, which will also help prepare me for future job applications.

If you’re currently deciding on what you would like to do at university, why not come and have a look around Cardiff School of Art and Design and see for yourself? You won’t be disappointed!

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