March 2, 2017


If you follow Cardiff Met on Instagram, you might have seen the #CardiffMetTakeover posts from my course trip to India. I had the most incredible time exploring the cities of Jaipur and Udaipur with a mix of students from Cardiff School of Art and Design. I made some wonderful new friends and came home feeling slightly overwhelmed – there was inspiration everywhere and it’s definitely taken a few weeks to begin processing what an incredible experience it was!

Here is a very brief summary of what the trip was like:

If you’re considering going on a trip with the University, especially a trip like India, I could not recommend it enough. Not only is it really fun to travel with likeminded people and really useful to gather a huge amount of images and memories that can be applied to your practice, but it’s also fantastic value for money.

Plus, how many students get to wake up in a four poster bed, walk out onto their private balcony and watch the sun rise over the lake in Udaipur? We were really spoiled!

A real highlight for me was visiting craftsmen who specialised in traditional Indian block printing, miniature painting and paper making – to name a few. It was so inspiring to see people so dedicated to their work, and has heavily influenced my practice since returning home.

Here are some of the craftsmen we were lucky enough to see at work:

Since being home, I have done a number of drawings inspired by the trip. Here’s one of my favourites:

Although the costs of travelling overseas can be daunting, investing in your education in this way is never a bad thing. It’s a great talking point at interviews, gives you a different viewpoint, a huge source of inspiration and wonderful memories. I want to be back in India already!

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