March 7, 2017

Jess and friends at Milgi

Jess explains why Roath’s Milgi is her favourite student-friendly Cardiff restaurant, while our other bloggers share their picks.

Nestled between a bank and a cake shop on the street corner of City Road, a bright green building stands out among the industrial. A string of awards is aligned down the door. Milgi is like the Tardis; a curious thing to behold and small on the outside, but what lays within is larger beyond measure.

Milgi may seem small on the outside, but it’s huge on the inside!

On entering, you will find a cosy glow of fairy lights that will re-adjust your mood to a sense of calmness. Quirky decor is scattered around within the furniture and decorations setting a unique atmosphere to dine in.

On the menu, you will find all kinds of delicious food to make your taste buds dance. – a spiced cauliflower and butterbean burger, sweet potato and coconut soup, cinnamon doughnuts, lemon curd cake – all of which will leave you bedazzled, full, and yearning to taste every single item within the kitchen.

I love coming to Milgi with friends

To quench your thirst you can find smoothies, different sorts of fresh pressed lemonade, creative cocktails and warm beverages such as the chilli hot chocolate.

If you’re looking for a relaxing location between studies or just somewhere unexpectedly refreshing and new, then head to Milgi. If you’re still not sure, there is a tipi hut in the back – and did I mention… all of the food is entirely healthy, vegetarian and in many cases vegan friendly! That piece of cake doesn’t look so bad now, huh?

You have to try: the spiced cauliflower and butter bean burger is my personal favourite.

The cauliflower and butterbean burger is amazing


More student friendly Cardiff eats

Jason (3rd Year Biomedical Science): Irie Shack, Woodville Road

There are two Irie Shack branches in Cardiff, but the Cathays branch is the one nearest Uni. It has an amazing atmosphere with great music including steel drums. The food is excellent and you definitely get value for your money. They serve all kinds of Caribbean favourites like jerk chicken and goat curry.

You have to try: The brown stew chicken. This dish is amazing and will give you a real authentic Caribbean taste.

Abi (3rd Year Sports and Exercise) Juno Lounge, Wellfield Road

This adorable yet funky café/restaurant has so much to offer – it serves the world’s BEST pancakes with bacon (my favourite breakfast ever!) and freshly squeezed juices – always goes down great.

My boyfriend George is a bit of a fussy eater, but even he likes their poached eggs on muffins with a fresh ground coffee. I have visited Juno Lounge on many occasions and the staff are always so friendly and fun, I also love that it has a terrace so you can have breakfast al fresco.

You have to try: those pancakes and bacon of course! So good.


Charlotte (3rd Year Ceramics): Coco Gelato, Woodville Road

This dessert parlour in Cathays is my favourite place to eat out in Cardiff. There are lots and lots of different flavours of ice cream to choose from, and you can just take out or eat in with one to 27 scoops!

Coco Gelato also do amazing waffles and pancakes. It’s ideal for a nice catch up with friends as the atmosphere is very chilled and relaxing.

You have to try: the salted caramel ice cream with the strawberry sorbet – so yummy!


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