March 16, 2017

Being more employable is the reason we all go to university, but sometimes it can be overwhelming knowing how else to improve your CV and make yourself more desirable for employers. Luckily, the university offers a huge number of extra (FREE!) ways for you to get the most out of your degree. Here are my top 5:

1. Go the extra mile with the Cardiff Met Award

I have just completed the Cardiff Met Award, and am now trying to add to the award by completing the 4 specialist stages (Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Global Mind-set and Sustainable Thinking). It’s a fantastic way to demonstrate to employers that you’re willing to go above and beyond what is required of you.

I’ve actually been surprised by how much I have enjoyed the award, plus when you complete it there’s a wonderful awards night to attend – and a free meal surrounded by great people is never a bad thing!

Having fun at last year’s awards party!

2. Boost your skills with employability training workshops

The SU also provides a fantastic range of employability workshops. Experts working in the field are brought into the university to deliver these workshops, and I can personally vouch the time flies because they are so engaging and useful. I attended the Social Media for Employability Workshop run by Kathryn Foot, from Career Cake. We learned a lot in particular about LinkedIn, and how that can be such a useful tool for students and graduates to network with employers.

Lots of happy students at the end of our social media workshop!

3. Get a head start in business with the Centre for Entrepreneurship

The Centre for Entrepreneurship has personally helped me so much during my time at University so far. From Flash Funding, group workshops on topics like SEO and Intellectual property, Monthly Mingles with valuable industry contacts, to individual meetings with experts in business, marketing and finance, I cannot recommend it enough. With the team’s help, I was also lucky enough to be named Runner Up for Student Entrepreneur of the Year for Wales. If you have a passion for business, want to learn more about it or even just network with other students and people working in your industry, this is the place to start.

Collecting my prize at the Entrepreneur Wales awards

4. See the world with Outward Mobility

Three girls from my Textiles course recently took the plunge and moved to Beijing for 3 months to study abroad, and I couldn’t be more envious. They had an incredible time, made wonderful new friendships and will look fantastic on their CV’s and will be a great talking points in interviews. I am a huge advocate for travel, it’s fantastic to meet and engage with new cultures, and Outward Mobility exists to help students do just that. Whether you want to do part of your degree overseas or do an internship in the summer, they can help find the best option for you.

Travelling abroad at uni offers so much – as I discovered on my course trip to India.

5. Represent Your Peers

Becoming a Student Rep is another fantastic thing to put on your CV. The people you work with are lovely, and it’s a great way to make friends across different subjects. It’s also fascinating to see how the University is run and a great way to make sure your voice is heard.

Being a rep helped me realise how seriously the University and the staff take our comments. The meetings are always interesting and it’s great to see how swiftly meeting action points take effect around the university.

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