May 24, 2019

Ben Hofmeister smiling

My name is Ben Hofmeister and I am a Co-Founder of Archer Sports Management (ASM). ASM is a sport agency that works with sport rights holders to develop commercial partnerships, brand development and advertisement campaigns. We work with our clients to bring their vision from a concept to a reality, representing them for who they are and what they wish to become. We have recently represented sporting organizations like Elite Ice Hockey League and British Cycling. We have also had the privilege of collaborating with the WRU, Glamorgan Cricket Club and CageWarriors.

How did I get here? Did I have moments of uncertainty and self-doubt? Yes, and I still do. Telling my family, I wanted to go to university, was a shock. I was never hugely “academic” and to be honest, I had no long-term vision for myself. However, one thing I was clear of was my passion, for me that was, and still to this day is sport. I knew doing an undergraduate degree at university would give me basic knowledge, thought processes, skills and I would have a great time!

Archer Sports Management

As I went through my first-year BSc degree at Cardiff Met in Sport and PE, I realized not only did my passions lie in sport but also in business and management. So, with a change of plan, I transferred to a BSc in Sport Management where the modules were more suited to my ideal career. The modules taught me the basics but more importantly, gave me the confidence to expand my knowledge and chase this venture. During my first year, I met a dear friend in the halls of Ellis 8, who turned into my business partner and we both shared the same visions and aspirations. 

In my second year, I was directed by Steve Osbourne to engage with the Centre of Entrepreneurship. They helped us to align our idea what the initial next steps and how we could pilot our idea. From that moment, we made the decision this was what we wanted to do, and we had the shared vision to succeed.

Meeting with a client

During my final year I decided to do an Enterprise Project, this opportunity allowed me to conduct market research not just into what a sport agent does, but the size of the market, pool of potential clients, estimated cashflow. This process added value to when it came to start ASM after graduation. Seizing this opportunity put me in the business frame of mind and pitch a real-life business venture to an examination board.

So, what happened to ASM after my graduation? Well this story has been three years in the making, we started from the bottom working our way up, trying to get any deal we possibly could. We started working with local amateur sports club for FREE! We failed, over and over again but we persisted and started to build our list of clientele.  Our work started on a national scale to building our way up to the international sporting partnerships. This wasn’t something we were prepared for, but when the opportunity comes you take it. The support was there form Cardiff Met and from a government funded scheme, Big Ideas Wales. After meeting with Big Ideas Wales, I was invited to a series of programmes ranging from workshops to helping you build a business idea to running & raising investment. Help is there – all you have to do is look.

Fail early, Fail often, fail forward Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

For those of you thinking of starting you our business, you may feel daunted or even excited, so ask yourself what is stopping you? Ask yourself, why not? It’s not easy, but if you have a passion, a vision and an aspiration, go for it. There will be uncertainty, there will be times you won’t know what to do or if you are even doing it right. Failures are where the lessons are learnt.

No matter what business journey you take, I wish you all the best!


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