July 1, 2018


When I was in sixth form I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to do with my future.
After assessing my options I decided on going to university. I did some research into different universities across England and Wales, and decided to study a degree in Forensic Investigation at the University of South Wales.
Results day came around and I was pleased to find out that I had achieved the grades to continue onto the course. Of course I was pleased with my results, but looking around at my friends crying with happiness, it just didn’t mean as much to me at the time as it did to everyone else.
Ultimately, I made the decision to take a gap year to earn money, go on holidays and take a break from education to get my motivation back, as I was not completely sold on the idea of university yet.

Tegan in the studio

After working in retail the idea of a career in fashion marketing started to appeal to me.

The following year when August rolled around, I realised that Forensic Investigation wasn’t the right course for me, and realistically it wasn’t what I wanted to do as a career either. I realised then that I was definitely not going to uni that year.
I started a new job in retail, and after speaking to my parents I mentioned that if I enjoyed the job I could potentially go to uni and study something within the realms of fashion the following year.
Fashion is something that I’ve been interested in since I was young, but when I was first thinking about going to uni I was unaware of how I could develop within the field, or of the different career paths in the industry.
Tegan smiling

I couldn’t be happier with my course.

Working in retail had changed that, and I was ready to return to education to learn new topics and develop my skills – but I assumed I wouldn’t be going until the following year.
I ended up mentioning this to one of my friends who was studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University, and she mentioned that there was a new course starting that year called Fashion Marketing Management. She suggested that I could apply through clearing. I was unaware that clearing was even an option that late in the year, and frankly I didn’t know anything about it.
After researching the course and the university I got in contact with the clearing team at Cardiff Met who supported and guided me through every step. The process that I thought would be complicated was ever so easy and fast.
It has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I thoroughly enjoy my course, I’ve made lots of new friends and I am now sure about my career options ahead.
Don’t be afraid of not knowing what you want to do with your future, as there are so many more options available than only what is considered traditional.
I think it’s important to remember that applying to university through clearing isn’t only for people who didn’t achieve the grades they were expecting. It’s an option for anyone who’s indecisive about their future, as well as those who’ve made a last-minute decision.
I needed time to decide what I wanted to do, and clearing gave me that. From then on it all fell into place and I couldn’t be happier at Cardiff Metropolitan University.
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