July 1, 2018

Matt in the lab

I first applied to Cardiff Met in the hope of gaining a place on the BSc Healthcare Science programme, which is a rather exclusive degree – there are a very limited number places on offer, as tuition fees are paid by the NHS.
However, for a number of reasons, I only had chance to put in my application just after results day.
The next couple of days were rather stressful to be perfectly honest, due to both my nerves and my worry about the lateness of my application. Sadly, I soon I found out my application had been declined – there were no longer any places left on the programme.
I felt like my world had ended. That was it – I might as well give up for now, as it’d be another year before I’d have the chance to get a place on the course I wanted.
But in the hours after hearing my application was denied, there was a key moment; after some comforting and consultation from my family and a couple of really deep breaths, I made the decision to turn my attention to clearing.
It may seem like the last thing anyone wants to do after receiving a bunch of declined applications, but I really encourage anyone in that position to make the effort to go through the clearing process.

Matt with microscope

There are lots of practical sessions in the degree I found through clearing.

I didn’t think I’d be successful, but thankfully I was very wrong. After phoning in to Cardiff Met’s admissions department and talking through my dilemma and what degree I was looking for, I was put on the phone with the programme leader.
She talked me through the BSc Healthcare Science and the similar BSc Biomedical Science degrees, and showed me that many of the modules and their content was the same, and there would still be lots of laboratory practical sessions (which are so much fun by the way) if I studied biomedical science.
After this enlightening discussion, the programme leader then said she was more than happy to offer me a place through clearing on the Biomedical Sciences degree.
I’ve had an amazing first year at Cardiff Met, and I’m so thankful that I took the time to go through clearing. I enthusiastically urge anyone faced with no place and the start of clearing to go for it – you may find the exact degree you were looking for. Hopefully I’ll see a few of you at Cardiff Met next year!
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