July 14, 2020

Rosie at Cardiff Castle

I have just received my final degree results after studying Speech and Language Therapy at Cardiff Met meaning that I am now a fully qualified Speech and Language Therapist (I still can’t believe that I can say that!).

I’m writing this blog to tell you all about my experiences of Cardiff Met and studying to be an SLT. I often wonder how 18 year old me made the choice to do such a specific degree, yet I haven’t looked back once and I’d encourage anyone that is considering it to do the same. The truth is being an SLT isn’t specific, there are so many routes you can take and different client groups that you can work with – each as interesting, exciting and rewarding as the next.

I came into the course with my heart set on working with children as this was the area that I had experience in and where I felt most comfortable. However, throughout the degree, I have been sent on such a variety of placements from schools for children with additional needs to centres for those with acquired brain injuries. This completely changed my perspective and I have recently secured my first job as an Adult Speech and Language Therapist!

I have recently secured my first job as an Adult Speech and Language Therapist!

The placements are definitely one of the best parts of this course. It is where all the teaching comes together and you get to practise actually helping those in need! Although, it isn’t just the placements that give this course so much variety, we study such a range of topics so there is always something for everyone – from biology to psychology to grammar. We are also lucky enough to have such a range of lecturers who are so experienced in their fields. Their doors are also always open and I am always in their office asking someone a question so you’ll definitely be really supported!

As someone who moved 4 hours away from home to start university, I can’t recommend Cardiff enough as a place to study. Everyone has always been so friendly and welcoming – even the bus drivers will help you out if you can’t quite work out where you’re going! There is also always something going on so you’ll rarely be bored!

If you are considering studying Speech and Language Therapy at Cardiff Met, I would definitely recommend it! It can be challenging at times and you will have to work hard, but it is so worth it! I’ve left this course feeling so ready to enter the world of work as a Speech and Language Therapist!