November 14, 2017

drama society

When you hear the name ‘drama society’, you might assume that it’s ‘only for drama students’ or that every member is an eccentric, dramatic being who has spent their life on stage. However, this couldn’t be less true!
Cardiff Met Drama Society is a new group (who recently won a ‘best new society’ award, might we add!) made up of a range of students from various subjects across different schools at the uni. We meet weekly to socialise, have fun and make new friends with similar interests.
Perhaps you’re really into theatre but didn’t take it as a degree, or you take drama and want to meet students from other years. Maybe you just fancy trying something new, and making a group of friends that will last you throughout your university experience – either way, Cardiff Met Drama Society could be the society for you!
We often play fun, stimulating games as well as exploring different pathways that come under “dramatic techniques” – perfect for a fun and active outlet after a stressful day! Our favourite one so far has to be the Frantic Assembly-style lift  where our members learnt to fly!


Who wouldn’t want to learn to fly?!

It goes without saying that we don’t just put on weekly sessions. Throughout the year we also put on socials and seasonal events at all the well-known clubs in town, as well as running trips to theatre shows, bowling, escape rooms and more. Not only does it give everyone a reason to have a night out, it allows us to create our society’s famous family vibe.
Let’s talk how being a member might benefit you in the future though. At the end of the day, you’re at university to get a degree… but who doesn’t have a degree these days? Employers always want something more, and contrary to popular belief, they love extracurricular societies like drama. It shows that you can work as a team, that you’re a confident individual and that you’re an active part of your university’s community. Plus, you could end up on the committee and we all know that looks good!
We are proud to be the only humanities society at Cardiff Met, but we still want to attract creative people from a range of backgrounds. Whether you’re a dentist or a rugby player, you can help with our upcoming end of year production, which we’ll be announcing soon (eeeeeeeeep!). We need stage managers, prop, set and costume designers, and of course, actors to be part of the university’s first production in a number of years.

We’re not really as nervous as we look, we promise!

So, whatever school, year, or background you come from, if you fancy meeting new fun, outgoing people, building confidence and being involved in a fantastic end of year production, Cardiff Met Drama Society is perfect for you!
You might not be the strongest actor – you might not even be sure if you should come – but just know you’re always welcome.
Come along to a session with your friends and give it a go – who knows, you might just get a leading role!
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