August 3, 2016

When I originally applied for University, I wanted to study Drama and English in Exeter. Unfortunately, on results day I didn’t get the grades that I needed to get in to my firm or insurance University choices, and this meant that my application was automatically entered in to Clearing.
I felt disheartened by this at first, until I realised that my results were not as bad as I believed them to be. In fact, the grades I had were enough for me to apply to Cardiff Met – a university that I had originally put as one of my five choices. I was lucky because I had previously done a lot of research about my five chosen universities before results day, which made it a lot easier for me to know where I wanted to be, even if I were to go through Clearing.
I settled on my choice of Cardiff Met, as I had already been to an Open Day and had seen the facilities that the university had to offer, and I knew that I liked it there. I also was able to gain a place on the exact course I wanted – BA English & Drama – and the friendly and supportive manner in which I was spoken to when applying for the course made me feel confident the university would be a positive learning environment.
My parents were really good at supporting me throughout the Clearing process. They were able to contact the UCAS help line to discuss my options and find out how it all worked. I was also able to speak directly with Cardiff Met to discuss my options in applying for the course – they were also really supportive and were able to answer all of my questions.
The university offered a Clearing Open day that allowed me to talk to lectures from both the Drama and English sides of the course. This was brilliant as I was able to find out a lot more about the day-to-day structure of the course and have a look around the campus and facilities once again. This made me feel reassured that I had made the correct decision.
I have really enjoyed my time at university so far and am really looking forward to continuing my studies, as I love the course! I am really happy at Cardiff Met and feel confident that I made the right decision when applying through Clearing.
What to do if you find yourself in Clearing this year:
When August results day comes, if you find yourself in a similar position to me and you didn’t get the grades for your choices – don’t panic. If you end up in Clearing, don’t see it as a necessarily negative thing. I did at first and I got really upset over it, but it actually made me see that there were so many other options, not just one university.
If you really want to go to a particular university, it’s worth ringing them up and discussing your options with them. If this doesn’t go to plan don’t worry either because there will definitely be others that want you – you may be surprised that somewhere you didn’t even consider looking could be the one that suits you the best.
Make sure that you look at all of the courses which relate to what you want to study, and look at the websites of the universities you’re interested in so that you can find out as much as you can about them. Remember that the Clearing deadline does give you a bit of time, so don’t rush to find a university on results day when you will be full of emotion – if needs be, take a step back, because there will be spaces left.
Remember that even if results day doesn’t go to plan, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to university – you may just have to be a bit more flexible with what you want to do and where you will go. 🙂
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