August 29, 2018


Having been in Welsh education for the past thirteen years of my life, the thought of having to switch to English for uni made a little nervous. With so many thoughts running through my mind; how would I cope with lectures solely in English? Would I still be able to understand the work? Would I lose my Welsh? My mind went into overdrive! However, having just completed my degree I can now say that yes, I was getting myself way too worried over this!
If only I could go back and tell 18 year old me that I was being silly, there was no need for me to get so worried about, one, losing my Welsh and two, not being able to understand the lectures!
During the first week of uni, myself and a few other first language Welsh students met with the Welsh tutor for the School of Art. Along with support from the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol, we had so many chances to work through the medium of Welsh; be it tutorials, multidisciplinary projects with other students or having the opportunity to display work in a range of exhibitions.
I recently had the chance to display a range of my photography work in the “Golwg ar Gelf” travelling art exhibition. An exhibition supported by the Coleg Cymreag for students who are studying partially or fully in Welsh. For me, this was a wonderful way to meet other art student not only from Cardiff Met but other Welsh art schools.

Brecon Beacons

The Welsh landscape has been a big influence on my work.

My Welsh is what defines me, as cliché as it may sound! It has inspired most of my projects throughout uni and I always strive for my work to link to Wales and have a strong Welsh theme running throughout. Especially in today’s society, I feel it so important for this historic language to be spoken and used as much as possible.
My final major project was inspired by my love for the historic Welsh landscapes and also my passion for the Welsh language. Entitled, ‘Hiraeth’, I explored the majestic landscapes of the Brecon Beacons through a series of bold, geometric marks and handmade patterns.
By having the chance to carry on using my Welsh in uni, it has been extremely beneficial to me and also has given the chance to take part in some very exciting opportunities over that last three years!
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