April 12, 2019

The Psychology course at Cardiff Met is full of variety and option modules, so there is something for everyone. The course includes many opportunities for work experience in order to prepare you for the world of work.

We also have the opportunity to travel, either to study in another country, gain experience of other cultures or just to see the world. Cardiff Met offers incredible opportunities to integrate the Welsh language in your studies and your social life, as there are many societies and sports teams where you can use your Welsh.

As I mentioned earlier, the University gives you the opportunity to go out and experience the real world in a work experience module during the second year of study, but if this option does not appeal to you, it is possible to choose a module on current issues facing psychology as a subject. However, I chose the work experience option because I wanted to gain an insight into what, hopefully, I would be doing in the future!

I was fortunate enough to secure a place at a local hospital in Cardiff to do voluntary work. I volunteer for 3 hours once a week with a charity for people who have suffered brain damage.

My role is to speak to service users, play games with them to stimulate the brain and work with them towards achieving their own individual targets, such as making a cup of tea on their own, or preparing a meal. This voluntary work presents a challenge and new things to do each week.

The greatest challenge is to understand what people are trying to convey as damage to the brain impairs speech, but through persistence and with patience it will become easier to understand the patients and interpret their body language and this, in turn, will give you another skill for the future.

I would certainly recommend the work experience option as the University has many connections with different companies and charities which you can take advantage of.

In addition to this, I am a representative for second year psychology students. This is great to include in your CV and is an opportunity to voice your opinion of the course. We meet once a month to voice our concerns or to say how much we love the course, specific modules, or what could be added or omitted from the course to help us, as students, enjoy the course even more!

The University emphasises how much input students have in their own learning and it is true that they look after us a great deal. The course also has its own society which meets often to offer many diverse activities from quiz nights at the Students’ Union to guest psychology speakers. The course meets on the first Tuesday of every month and this is a great opportunity to speak to people from other years and to discover what is happening across the three years of the degree.

Come to Cardiff Met and be a part of the psychology family, you will make friends for life and enjoy yourself immensely!!