April 11, 2019

Sophie Hall and Natasha Goss

Collaboration is a big part of the culture within Artist Designer: Maker at Cardiff Met, as over the course of the three years lots of creative skill and knowledge is exchanged.

From the workshops you attend to the advice lecturers give and the support technicians provide, plus your peers creating an electric atmosphere for ideas to be thrown around, it’s a space for experimentation and ideas to run wild.

The course allows us to learn a huge range of techniques using lots of different materials

As creatives who learn through hands-on experience, this course has had so much to offer by putting all this at our fingertips. Being able to explore so many different techniques and materials allows us to have much more breadth in our abilities before having to develop the depth of our practice which occurs as the course progresses.

As two students of Artist Designer: Maker within our final year, we have found that we work well together within this culture as we share our ideas and desired outcomes, especially when based within a common material or process.

We both specialise in woodwork

This allows technical and conceptual conversations to take place, despite varied work being produced. Our common material and process is woodwork, specifically turning, which leads us to support each other more so than other peers due to our specialised knowledge.

You tend to spend the majority of your time within the same environment of a workshop space, so you not only get to know each other very well, but also each other’s practice and creative process.

When you work in the same workshop with the same materials you get to know each other’s work well

This course sets you up to develop the ability to transfer knowledge between peers and learn from each other. It has encouraged us to critique each other in an informal environment and propose different perspectives for how to view our work.

We have had many opportunities to do this, which has given us greater confidence to meet challenges throughout our work and to propel our ideas and concepts further. The friendships you build within this culture makes critiquing each other’s work much easier, as you know it’s supportive and based on a care for how your practice develops.

Tash and Sophie
The friendships you develop on the course can have a big impact on your work – plus they can make it a lot of fun!

With such a broad range of skills and expertise on the course we can easily gain knowledge through collaboration, or gain access to a specialty that we have not focused on ourselves. It’s a way to lift our work to the next level. Often you find yourself not only transferring skills between peers but between materials too.

It can seem overwhelming to find the one material or process that really sparks your interest given everything available to us, but throughout the course you find yourself revisiting certain materials or processes over and over again.

There are so many possibilities on this course

There are huge possibilities within Artist Designer: Maker at Cardiff Met. You never know where your ideas could lead, as you invent new and exciting methods and concepts. Experimentation and exploration like this are heavily supported by CSAD’s facilities and the resources that are on offer – and also through our friendships and collaborations within the course.

See more of Sophie and Natasha’s work on their Instagram accounts – @sh_maker and @natasha__goss