March 27, 2019

Hari Truman - PGCE Primary - Cardiff Met

For my degree, I studied Sport and Social Science in Bath – although I always knew I loved teaching and I knew the career as both my parents have been PE comprehensive teachers for over 20 years.

I studied English Literature, Art and History at A-level because I like to keep busy and like to do lots of different things/activities/passions. I get bored easily so I like variety to keep me on my toes, which is what primary teaching offers me. I had a severe netball injury during my AS-levels so I was desperate to get back into sport/netball so that’s why I decided to go to study Sport. I then realised how much I missed studying Art/History/English and wanted a career that was busy and full of all different activities. That’s when I decided Primary was for me.

I only applied to Cardiff Met for my PGCE. Both mum and dad went to Cardiff Met for their undergrad degrees and their PGCE, as well as my brother studying here, so I knew I only wanted to come here. I knew the reputation Cardiff Met has for teacher training and I wanted to be a part of that.

I am currently on placement in Whitchurch Primary School with over 700 pupils – which is bigger than some of my comprehension schools back home in Tenby, Pembrokeshire. It is a Pioneer school – leading the New Curriculum for Wales, which is so exciting and fresh! My primary school only had 15 pupils in each year and now I am in a 3-form entry – so I definitely feel like a little fish in a big pond! Even as a teacher sometimes!!

Teaching is so powerful – you literally have these children in your hands and you’re in charge of how they are experiencing school, lessons, fun, engagement and everything else.

On the first day of my PGCE, we were told “everyone can always remember their teachers” – especially their primary teachers and that teachers stay with thousands of pupils throughout their lives. That has stuck with me since day one – that I want to be remembered for teaching fun, creative, original and inspiring/engaging lessons that will be meaningful and relevant for those pupils’ lives.

Picasso Face Painting! My class had to draw self-portraits during the lesson. I painted my face as a hook and constant source of inspiration or assistance with their own drawings and portraits. I had that on for the whole lesson!
I dressed up as a pilot ready to fly the passengers (pupils) through their aeroplane comprehension and to help with any turbulence! Seatbelt’s on everybody!

PGCE is HARD. I thought they were exaggerating when they told me this. Mum studied PGCE Primary originally and she told me it was the hardest PGCE of them all, but it is so worth it. “Nothing worth having comes easy” and I always try to remember that. You get out what you put in and it is so worth it – seeing pupils smile or fist pump when they understand or are learning something new is priceless and the feeling never gets old. I still have to control my fist pump if I see them do this!!! ha ha!

“Teachers make other careers happen” – Julia Longville (Dean of Cardiff School of Education & Social Policy) told us this on our first day and it is so true. The fact that I could be teaching future doctors or politicians right now as we speak. That is mad and puts everything into perspective. It makes me even more determined to give these pupils the best start to their education as possible.

You can follow Hari on Twitter as she continues her journey into teaching: @truman_miss