May 27, 2020

James Ikin remote learning

Hello! My name is James Ikin, and I’m a first year student entering my second year at Cardiff Met studying BA (Hons) Business Management with Law. I came to Cardiff Met after my A Levels, and knew that the transferable skills this course had to offer are skills that would set me up for life, whichever path I end up following in the future!

I’m a member of the “Venture” society set up by fellow student Sam, and in the short time I’ve been at Cardiff Met, it’s clear to see that there are so many opportunities available. The support system is there to be used, and with some added effort from yourself, there really is no holding you back!

In recent times the use of technology to keep connected with our loved ones and our studies is needed more than ever and Cardiff Met hasn’t fallen short of its ability to provide just that. At first, I was worried about how lockdown would affect my grades. Not having the face-to-face interaction with my lecturers to ask questions that I couldn’t perhaps word in an email, not seeing my friends, all seemed a bit daunting…

However, the transition from face-to-face lectures to online learning was so smooth! We were provided with clear, in-depth information about the current topic which were easy to find and use. The ability to go back to hear something you may have missed the first time is definitely a big win! Our seminars were set up on Microsoft Teams, which felt like more of a group chat, in which my module tutor could interact with us in the same relaxed manner which mimicked our actual seminars, again a big win! We have had emails to check how we are coping and whether we needed any further support which was comforting but not overbearing, and my lecturers and seminar tutors maintained that same balance throughout.

Remote Learning
My experience of remote learning has been really positive!

I had three deadlines and one exam to complete during lockdown; I managed to meet all my deadlines and hand in work of a good standard. I was able to sit my exam online – not quite my usual exam set up as I’ve never sat an exam in my pyjamas before!

Despite not actually going onto campus, my experience of remote learning has been positive as a result of the support system that was in place. During lockdown, I feel like everything is so up in the air right now but still being able to maintain some structure around my learning has made it so much more manageable!