June 1, 2020

Cardiff Met Student Nika and her housemate

Hi, I’m Nika Kosmowska. It’s really nice to meet you. How are you?

I’m a second year Architectural Design and Technology student but also I’m a Part-Time Global officer for the Cardiff Met Students Union for 2019-2020. If you are reading this you aren’t interested in my life story so let’s get to the good stuff, shall we? We are all aware of what’s going on around the world right now, and it’s something no one saw coming. We had no way of knowing it would happen and when it happened how to deal with it. So I’m here to tell you how I manage to stay productive in these strange times.

Remember not to let the negative things and feelings take over, there are a lots of people who are willing to help. The University, your Cardiff Met Partner institution, the SU and NHS all have fantastic teams who are here to listen and help. I’m lucky to be isolating with my best friend who does the same course as me so we can always discuss ideas.

Nika at her laptop
Working on my laptop in the Office, try to have a designated space

My first tip would be to designate a specific space in your house or flat (whether it’s in the living room or your room) to just study and do your projects. I had a spare tiny room in the house which I decided to make an office where I do all my work and editing for my YouTube channel. Me and my house mate moved our desks into that room and it’s reserved for our work space, it really makes us so much more productive than when we were studying in our rooms.

What helps me to be on top of my uni projects and any other projects I’m involved with is a wall designated to have a calendar so I always know what deadlines are coming up and notes with the breakdown of all my deadlines and things I have to do. It really helps me focus on my next task and thanks to that I manage to get my projects done before the deadline (which wasn’t happening before the lockdown).

Notes and plans stuck to Nika's wall
Notes and plans on my office wall to help with deadlines

While I still have your attention let me tell you this: Aim higher than you could ever think it’s possible. Our generation has so many possibilities and there is always room for improvement.

We all have a lot to do but we also have a lot of time to do, the lockdown won’t last forever so make the most out of it because once we can go out we will go all out! Even though this situation is horrible all we can do is to stay inside and keep ourselves and the ones we love safe. And remember everything happens for a reason and there is always a bright site. Stay safe! I’ll see you soon!