July 9, 2019

Moses in Malaysia

Travelling to Malaysia as part of my second year studying Computer Science at Cardiff Met was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. This opportunity came following my work placement at EUREKA Robotics Lab under the supervision of Dr Esyin Chew, the founder of the Lab and a senior lecturer on my course. I learnt a lot during my internship at the Lab – I had the chance to meet other lecturers regularly and I also delivered workshops in schools. This enabled me to improve my presentation skills as well as visit new places. In fact, through the Lab I was given the chance to apply for a Short Term Mobility Programme to Malaysia.

View from the Petronas Towers at night
The view from the Petronas Towers

That’s why in June 2019 I flew to Kuala Lumpur with ten other students alongside Dr Esyin and Dr Jason Williams, the Deputy Dean of Cardiff School of Technologies. The week I spent in Malaysia was one of the biggest opportunities I have ever been bestowed with, because it opened a lot of doors for me. I got to be at the University of Malaya, ranked number 70 in the world – which means it is accredited as one of the best tertiary institutions globally. This is a golden opportunity that I got from Cardiff Met.

Check out some video highlights of Moses’ trip to Malaysia:

Every day we used to commute from our hotel to the campus by a van provided by the University of Malaya. Whilst I was there, I did my first international presentation, which enabled me to develop my skills and even gave me ideas about my dissertation topic for next year. Through the seminars I attended with other students, I also improved my understanding of research, and was given the lecturers’ email contacts in case we had any questions. I had never used or programmed drones before, but I could try my hand at it during my seminars at the University.

Moses standing with his lecturers
With my lecturers Jason and Esyin

We even got the chance to speak with the CEO of Robopreneur, a company specialised in robots and reverse engineering which was part of the University of Malaya, but has since grown to be independent. We visited the company’s headquarters in Cyberjaya. I had never seen a NAO robot opened, and having learnt how it operates has increased my knowledge and passion for robotics.

Moses testing a robotic wheelchair
Testing out a robotic wheelchair at Robopreneur

The trip wasn’t just study though! We never had time to rest as our schedule was packed tight with activities. We had the chance to visit the Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest twin buildings in the world, which was so amazing and the experience itself was overwhelming. We also visited places like the Monument of Malaysia and Chinatown, where one can get original items at very affordable prices. We attended some festivals and learnt a little bit about the local culture, and during our last day, we played cultural games at the University. Also if you are a food lover, Malaysia is your place to be for a holiday! Given another opportunity to go to Malaysia, I would greatly embrace it.

Moses visiting the Batu caves with a friend and a monkey
Visiting Batu caves

Overall, I could apply everything I have learnt during the first two years of my Computer Science course to my trip and involvement in my work placement. During the placement though, I was able to develop skills that cannot be learnt simply through lectures. Even though I used to do presentations at university, it is the workshop delivery during my placement that taught me how to speak with people of different ages and backgrounds – and that experience helped me prepare for my presentation in Malaysia.

My placement at the EUREKA Lab and my trip to Malaysia are opportunities I will forever be grateful for. They taught me that learning is not only a theoretical exercise, but has practical applications.