July 4, 2019

I want to start this blog with a concluding statement… because let’s be honest we can all be lazy and sometimes we just want someone to tell us how it is at the start, rather than the end. So, if you are considering the Sport & PE course, or any other course at Cardiff Met, I would offer two key pieces of advice:

  1. Take every opportunity that comes your way
  2. Ask for help

University is like nothing else you will experience again, make the most of the opportunities, support, and network you will have around you. Three years will pass you by in an instant.

Now, onto my experiences…


If this is your current mindset, then you’re probably not alone. I found this was the case for a lot of us on the Sport & PE course, going into first year thinking; “I want to be a PE teacher”, “I always loved PE at school”, and “being a PE teacher could be my dream job”… whilst also thinking “I’m not 100% sure it is for me”. Having any of these thoughts is normal, and as I will explain everyone’s University life is different. The good thing about having a Sport & PE degree, is that you will have a DEGREE. This is not to be taken for granted, and will open doors you never even knew existed. I have friends who will be going into the RAF, and others who are going into coaching, or similar sporting establishments. The opportunities are almost endless.

Practical experiences challenged Tom’s skills in an authentic environment

My Journey

For me, I learnt the most PE teaching from practical experiences gained in the PE based modules, work experience, and external teaching agency work (I’d advise signing up to a teaching agency if you’re interested in teaching of any kind, it’s easy to sign up, and a great way to gain paid work experience!). These practical experiences challenged all my previously developed skills in an authentic environment. Allowing a wider application of skills such as communication, leadership, and teamwork. Whilst also changing my mindset from: “I’m not 100% sure this is for me”; to “PE teaching is 100% not for me”.


Finding the Opportunities

If you find yourself in a situation like my own, then don’t panic. There are loads of opportunities out there. But you have to take the leap and put yourself out there. For example, as a fresher I would never have contacted the Centre for Entrepreneurship (a business support department within the Uni who specialise in supporting student entrepreneurs).

However, at the end of my final year I put myself out there, and as of July 2019 I started Performivate (find us on social media @Performivate or Google search Performivate to see our website) as part of the ‘Countdown to launch’ week. The Centre helped me tailor my idea of private football coaching, by giving me access to people and resources, so that I could establish a fully functioning business.

The same can be said for any groups, societies, or clubs at University. You’ll find that everywhere is accepting of new members, and if you find one that fits your interests and passions, then go for it! And if you don’t think there are any groups that interest you, or you lose interest in your current one, ask your tutor, friends, or any staff members for help. Every staff member is invested in your future and well-being, so don’t be shy.

Performivate is Tom’s business venture

WARNING: This conclusion sounds very cliché… but it’s also all true

The Sport & PE course, and Uni life in general, will push you to your limits and take you out your comfort zones. But just remember, it’s all part of the process and you really are in control of your own journey. So go for it! Make friends, embrace experiences, use the resources and support, and make memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.