February 16, 2017


BA Education Studies/Early Childhood Studies third year Ieaun has been a Cardiff Met Student Ambassador for almost 3 years, so he knows his stuff when it comes to Open Days. Here are his tips for getting the best out of yours…

You’re absolutely doing the right thing by attending an Open Day – uni is the place that you are going to spend the next 3 years, if not longer. If you don’t like the city or the institution you are not going to have a good student experience. And after all, would you buy a brand new car without looking under the bonnet?

While I can talk about how I think you should spend your Open Day, don’t forget that every one is different, and what you want to gain from the day is unique to you. But there are a few things that I’d recommend to anyone.


1. Speak to the staff

This is so important, because there’s lots you can’t tell from a prospectus or a website – the same course title could contain completely different modules at different universities. The staff you speak to will also be the people that teach you day-to-day when you start university, so it is not too early to build relationships – plus it’s nice to see a familiar face when you begin your course.


It’s never too early to start building relationships.


2. Go on a tour

Wherever your Open Day, you will almost certainly be offered a campus tour that gives you the chance to see the facilities that the uni has to offer. This may not seem important to you now, but you want to know that the institution has everything you need and want for your course. And as important as a campus tour is, it’s also really important that you visit halls of residence. It is always nice to see where you will be living for the first year of your degree.


Use the campus tours to get a good look around.


3. Talk to the students

There will be current students working there on the day – these are people that were in your position not too long ago, so pick their brains. They will tell you,why they chose that university, what the course has to offer, and what the city is like. The good thing about asking them is that it makes no difference to students whether you choose the university they go to or not, so they will be one hundred percent truthful with you. They will want you have a university experience as enjoyable as theirs.


Speak to the Student Ambassadors – they were in your place not too long ago!


4. Be confident!

Don’t be afraid to speak to other people at the same Open Day as you – who knows, you could be going to an Open Day at a different university next weekend, or you could all end up accepted onto the same course. They could become your close friends in a few months time.

Don’t be afraid to start a conversation!


5. Ask lots of questions. And then ask some more.

My last and maybe most important piece of advice would be to ask questions. You have make the effort to attend that Open Day – you might have had to travel for hours – so why leave and still have questions at the back your mind? No question is silly, and no doubt if you have a question, someone else was wondering the same thing.


There are no silly questions!


Overall, just remember to relax, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy your Open Day – it’s the start of your student life!

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