July 26, 2018


Needing to choose a university may seem like a daunting situation but it can be lots of fun, too!

It’s your chance as a student to take control of your higher education – choosing what you learn, where you live and so much more. Making sure you research universities properly is key, and visiting them also helps you to know what is right for you. With so many options out there, here’s why I chose Cardiff Metropolitan University over a Russell Group University.

Cardiff Met is exceptionally friendly, welcoming and accepting of everyone. The staff always go the extra mile to make everyone feel at home which is a huge advantage to choosing a smaller university. After attending summer school (which I highly recommend looking into) at a Russell Group university, I quickly realised that big classes were not for me.

Having large lectures is inevitable, but Cardiff Met make sure to break down the class size into small groups for my course, as well as providing 1-1 meetings with a designated lecturer to support students with all aspects of life. With so much personalised help and encouragement available, I am able to excel at university and achieve the best I can.

Despite being a smaller university, Cardiff Met is located in a massive student city. The social side of university is exactly what you make it; with plenty going on each day and night in the city, there is plenty for you to delve into and experience.

During A-levels I was incredibly stressed about achieving good grades needed for university, especially as I do not perform very well in exams. Russell Group universities often ask for higher grades than less well known unis like Cardiff Met. With my course, Psychology, I felt that perseverance and dedication were seen as just as important as my grades.

With less pressure to achieve those higher A-level grades, I was able to spend more time getting valuable work experience and volunteering in the community.

The courses at Cardiff Met provide so much practical experience, with optional placements and chances to learn abroad with the Erasmus scheme which enables you to put what you learn into practice. Employers value this kind of experience and it’s also really handy for your personal development before you graduate! In addition to this, Cardiff Met doesn’t just examine you with essays, they use a variety of assessment techniques such as coursework, MCQ’s and presentations. This ensures all students are well rounded and able to tackle any challenge they may face after University.

After being at University for almost a year, I have to ask myself: did I make the right decision by choosing Cardiff Met? Absolutely! Cardiff Met provides opportunities galore with so much support and fabulous social events in a beautiful capital city. I hope to see you at the Cardiff Met open days!

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