June 17, 2020

Kieran collecting award

Just under three months ago, you would find me on Cardiff Met Llandaff Campus, completing assignments, reading, attending workshops, having meetings and gaining additional qualifications to enhance my Cardiff Met learning experience. I would have been training in the gym, competing for Cardiff Met RFC and socialising to unwind from my studies. My lifestyle was regimented but enjoyable and provided the perfect regime for me to achieve the highest degree classification possible.

Kieran competing for Cardiff Met RFC
Before Lockdown I would have been training in the gym, competing for Cardiff Met RFC and relaxing with friends

Now, like much of the world, my normal lifestyle has altered in many ways and one of those was how I would complete my degree. I am Kieran Bevan, a final year BA (Hons) Business and Management with Law student, who as of the 29th May 2020, completed a degree during lockdown and this is a short blog about my transition to remote learning.

Going into lockdown I had a total of four assignments, two mini-exams, one exam, and my ‘Launching An Enterprise’ project (dissertation) to finish whilst also needing to continue in my search of attaining a graduate placement at a multi-national firm. A mountain of important tasks to complete in such an unprecedented time!

I went into the long-distance learning transition optimistic; I had prepared myself well by loaning multiple books on each of my modules, preparing a schedule for each day ensuring I factored in enjoyable activities. I knew from my time at Cardiff Met that the staff would try their hardest to provide students with the best possible learning opportunities. Fortunately, I was still able to have the same meetings and catch-ups via Microsoft Teams and Zoom, which was extremely beneficial, not just for learning enhancement but also it was nice to speak and see other people outside of my family who had begun to drive me mad!

Despite all the prep, when it came to completing work I will admit I found long-distance learning much more challenging than I had thought. Having a little sister, working in my bedroom (my new office) and having to factor in email correspondence provided barriers for me. Despite this, as Roy T Bennet said “When the going gets tough, put one foot in front of the other and just keep going. Don’t give up”, and that is exactly what I did.    

Kieran studying from home
I scheduled my time to keep me motivated

Through hard work, determination and the support of many of the Cardiff Met staff, I completed my work and am on track to achieving my desired first-class degree. To my delight, I was also awarded Cardiff Met Students’ Union ‘Event of the Year Award’ and the ‘Cardiff Met Award’. It was also announced that I am a finalist of ‘The Future Business Leader of the Year’ Award leading me to secure a summer internship with P&G.  

Overall, my online learning at Cardiff Met has been challenging but very rewarding.  The staff have put their all in to making the transition as smooth as possible and despite the distractions of working from home, I have achieved my goals and more!