June 16, 2020

Naomi Harris

Hi my name is Naomi Hughes and I’m a Secondary PGCE Design & Technology student.

If you are considering a future career in teaching and studying a PGCE I thought it would be useful to share some tips I have learnt to help you through your studies. I have found these invaluable during my Secondary PGCE. I have loved studying the PGCE and I will be continuing to use some of these tips as an NQT when I have my own class.

Here are my top tips!

  • Build relationships: Take the time to build relationships with people who can help you. You will need support, help and friendship throughout the course. It is important that you can offer and accept them.
  • Be prepared: Print out Blooms Taxonomy, The Professional Standards, 4 Purposes, AOLE subjects, Codes for Literacy, Numeracy and the Digital Competence Framework and have them close to you when you are planning to help you to include them in every lesson.
  • Gather evidence: Take notes when you can on a laptop and match them to the Professional Standards. Upload and tag them on your Pebble Pad (Personal Learning and Assessment System) as soon as possible, this will help you gather evidence at the end of the course.
  • Make time for yourself: Give yourself a time to stop working in the evening. Whatever is not finished can wait till the following day. Make sure you SLEEP!
  • Being out of your comfort zone: During the course, you may cry but don’t worry, it’s normal, the PGCE pushes you out of your comfort zone so you have to embrace it. It makes you stronger! Your tutors and mentors are there for you every step of the way too.
  • Get stuck in: If you are doing Design Technology, make all of the projects you are teaching so you know every step. You can do the same for other Secondary subject areas not just D&T and practice how you going to deliver the class.
  • Enjoy and be yourself: It’s important to enjoy yourself when you are teaching. Get to know your pupils, they all have interesting stories. They like you being real. Be YOU!