February 15, 2018

Lorna in library

I’m in my first year of Nutrition at Cardiff Met after completing the Foundation in Health Science course last year. Nutrition is something that I’ve wanted to study for years, and I’m finally here and at a brilliant University.

Sometimes people don’t ‘click’ with their uni but I can certainly say that’s not been the case for me! Here are my top 5 things I love about studying Nutrition at Cardiff Met:

1. The lectures (well, some of them!)

Ok you can’t love every lecture, but the 3 hours a week of macronutrient and micronutrient lectures feel like the exact reason why I wanted to study Nutrition. They’re enjoyable and engaging and most of all… super interesting! Although you sometimes leave the lecture wondering if you’re deficient in the vitamin you’ve just learnt about (oops – self-diagnosis!).

2. Books, books, books!

Lorna in library

In my natural habitat!

The Nutrition books in the library make you want to take up camp in a corner and read for an entire year. There are so many that I haven’t had the chance to read yet or use in any of my assignments but if I could buy more spare time then I’d buy some to read those books.

3. Lots of coursework (no, really!)


I much prefer coursework to exams so it suits the way I learn!

The Nutrition course at Cardiff Met has a lot of coursework which I love! This might seem like a backwards thing to say but I personally struggle with exams and learn better when researching for assignments. So, a large amount of coursework works well for me and certainly takes the pressure off (a little) when it comes to exam season.

4. It’s accredited!

The Nutrition degree at Cardiff Met is the only Association for Nutrition accredited course of it’s kind in Wales, and this will help me get a job when I finish university. I didn’t realise the course was accredited before I applied but I’m so glad it is, because it puts me in a much better position.

5. The city

Cardiff is a beautiful city and is one of the best things about studying at Cardiff Met. I come from Devon and didn’t want to attend a city university at first, but it turns out I’ve fallen in love with it and moved here permanently. My favourite thing to do around Cardiff on a day off is visit the charity shops on Cowbridge Road and Albany Road hunting for bargain books. There’s always something to do in Cardiff – even when it is hammering down with rain!

If you’re considering studying Nutrition at Cardiff Met then I suggest you go for it! I may only be in first year but I can’t wait for second year and the different modules that come with it. Or if you’re stuck about which university to study Nutrition at – in my opinion the best choice is most certainly Cardiff Met. You’ll love the city and be set up on a stronger path once you’ve finished your degree.

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