June 21, 2017


I wake up. Another busy day at Cardiff Met. Living in catered halls at Cyncoed means I can grab myself a lush cooked breakfast before lectures. It’s nice to start the day with my favourite thing: food!

It’s a Monday which means I have a 9am lecture, which is tiring, but it gets you up and running for the day. Living on campus is so handy as it means I only have to walk a few hundred yards to my lecture room. Lectures are the formal bits; sitting there and taking notes. Pretty straightforward, but it means I get all the knowledge and I find it really interesting.

Lecture theatre

Lectures are a bit formal, but they give you the knowledge you need.

I now have a lovely two-hour break where I do plenty of reading (also sleeping…) and seminar preparation.

It hits midday and I have a seminar. I prefer seminars – they are much more interactive and enjoyable. As it happens, I get along with everyone in our seminar group and we always have a laugh with each other, and the lecturer! Seminars get quite deep, especially in English modules, but they are so interesting!

Now, it’s time for another two-hour break and lunch. Living 5 minutes away from my flat means it’s nice and easy. Sometimes I’ll meet friends in Centro (the Student Union) for lunch. The food is really good! My favourite is the BBQ chicken wrap and sweet potato fries – yum!

I tend to do a lot of my work in my room, however the library is a chilled place, plenty of computers and work space. On a Monday, I might head over there either to catch up on seminar preparation (there is lots!) or to finish essays. There are a lot of essays at University, however, if you enjoy what you study then they aren’t a chore.


Hard at work in my room… well, mostly!

Back into another seminar, lots of discussion, lots of work to do. I will then meet my flatmates at K1 (the canteen) around 5 o’clock for dinner. This is really handy and the food isn’t bad! We’ll have food and joke with each other, talking about our days – like one big happy family!

Me being me, I tend to spread my work out along the week which means I will go back to my flat after dinner and do a few more hours of work. However, once that is done there are loads of things to do in Cardiff!

My favourites have been mini-golfing in St David’s Shopping Centre, going to Kaspa’s dessert bar, going swimming and of course going on nights out!

Sometimes we go for a quiet night in Centro which has a lovely evening atmosphere for a few drinks, or we will go all out and end up in Pryzm or Glam or one of the other brilliant clubs in Cardiff.

Bed at 3am, get as much sleep as possible for another early rise for tomorrows busy schedule! It is busy and there’s a lot of work to do, but it’s the most fun I have ever had and wouldn’t swap it for anything!

Got to sleep now, I have a 9am tomorrow! Sleep well and see you guys on campus soon…

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