February 20, 2020

Cardiff Met Student Chiew

My name is Chiew, I’m from Malaysia, and I’m studying masters of food science and technology at Cardiff Met. I’m also lucky enough to be one of the winners of the Cardiff Met South East Asia 50% Scholarship!

Before deciding to come and study in the UK, I’d been working for a company for three years. It had come to a point where I wanted to make a change in my life, either with a change of career, or further study. Studying in the UK had always been one of my dreams, and when I received the news that I had been awarded the scholarship, my dream came true. The UK has really good academic standards and I like to push myself forward, and to make myself even more equipped with better knowledge. Cardiff Met also has placement opportunities as part of my course, so it was perfect!

Before I travelled to the UK, I said goodbye to my colleagues at work, and I had one last dinner with a good friend, of course we had Nasi Lemak, a Malaysian signature dish. I knew I was going to miss this dish a lot once I was in Cardiff.

Once I received my visa to study in the UK, I booked onto the airport welcome service offered by Cardiff Met. With 36kg of luggage packed, I went to the airport ready to travel to the UK. After a long flight I was tired and a little anxious about touching down into a new country. I was worried I might not understand the British accent! However thankfully I was met by the Cardiff Met International Team at the airport, and they guided me and the other International students safely to Cardiff. As the bus took us through the streets of Cardiff, I knew straight away I would fall for the city.

My experience during the first week was great. The Welsh people are friendly, the staff were welcoming, and I’d already made lots of good friends. The staff at Cardiff Met are really friendly and helpful. No matter what kind of question I have I just have to find someone to ask. I think almost every lecturer has always told me ‘we are here to help, we are good people’, things like that. And that makes me really feel warm.

I’m really enjoying studying food science and technology at Cardiff Met. The UK has really strict food regulations, and the food industry here is demanding, which is giving me lots of opportunities to specialise, and improve my knowledge. I’ve already had the opportunity to go to two conferences here, which has been a great experience. It’s so great to hear from experts in the industry, and learn from their stories. Alongside my studies I’m looking for a placement, I’m currently applying to companies, my favourite companies like Marks and Spencer, and Tesco. Hopefully I’ll get some good news from them soon!

I think Cardiff is really a lovely city, so for the first few weeks when I didn’t have an annual bus pass I actually walked to the university for lectures. I would walk along the River Taff, it was really an amazing view! Cardiff has amazing views everywhere, it’s a stunning city that I enjoy a lot. I’m looking forward to the rest of my time here.