June 11, 2020

Katie studying from home

I’m Katie and I am completing my first year of BA (Hons) Business & Management and have loved every minute of it! I have been lucky enough to make great friends and be able to learn from many talented lecturers.

I enjoy being in the bubble of university life; lots of socialising and group activities. Naturally, I was gutted that we had to move to remote learning as I felt I would miss out on so many of the things I enjoy about studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University. I also highly value the relationship you can build with your lecturers as the physical meet-ups help to answer questions and learn from other people in your seminars. I can safely say now that my first impression was wrong; the experience has been nothing but motivating!

Cardiff Met responded quickly to the changes which allowed me to feel settled and it helped to visualise the path I needed to take to complete my first year to the best of my ability. Thankfully none of the positives of learning at Cardiff Met have been hindered due to the lockdown. I am able to connect with my friends via Zoom calls and work as a team on our projects. The resources I rely upon are still available online which has been essential in allowing me to continue my learning. We have also had regular contact from our lecturers, and they have been extremely fast in replying to our queries and are always available.

I have had to alter my learning techniques to suit the new conditions, but I believe this has been a growth opportunity to allow me to work completely independently. For example, if I had a question I would ask first, but the lockdown has allowed me to work the answers out myself as the initial reaction. I believe that these skills will be useful as I progress, and I am a better independent worker as a result of it. 

I believe it has stretched my  abilities as I began to get comfortable in the routine of University so to then become completely self-reliant and having to implement my own structure has been stimulating. It has made me more confident in my decision-making through remote learning.

I am really looking forward to when we can return to campus but until then I feel connected and supported and have enjoyed the change in learning! It has felt like a refresher and made me re-analyse the way I work. It has also made me realise how much I enjoyed First Year of University!