July 31, 2017

My entire future was suddenly thrown up in the air when I got my A-Level results. Having sat through two years of A-Level physics, maths and geography and having my heart set on becoming a physics teacher, I didn’t get the grades I expected.

I decided to look at other courses, and settled on doing a computing course, as computers and electronics were something I had always loved.
The process of clearing was much less painful than expected, as I was determined to not let the thought of it get to me. Having browsed the available courses and struggled to find one that I liked, I finally found a course at Cardiff Met that leapt out to me as being interesting.
I applied and got a reply the same day to say that I had been accepted onto the 4-year version of the course, including a Foundation Year. Needless to say, I was thrilled that I had secured a place in the first day.

Sam under Continue sign

If things don’t go to plan, clearing gives you another chance.

After the first week of the foundation course, I spoke to my head of year who made the decision to move me up to the first year of the main course. From this point on, I have had the most enjoyable time at Cardiff Met, and have no regrets about choosing this course over others.
From what my parents have said, I never spoke about physics with the same enthusiasm that I do about my current course, leaving no doubt in my mind that I made the right decision.
Having just finished my second year, there are so many highlights, the main ones being how much of a community feeling the university has, and all the friends I have made so far. I also enjoy being in this city – without sounding too much like a travel brochure, Cardiff is a wonderful and vibrant city to live in, which made moving far away from home in Cambridgeshire much less difficult.
For those facing the prospect of clearing this year, above all I’d say keep your head together. There is no right or wrong decision you can make in the process, for no matter what happens, things will turn out for the best.
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