January 7, 2019

Paige Craddock

In the summer of 2018 I graduated from Cardiff Met with a First-Class Honours Degree in Events Management. This was one of my proudest achievements so far. However, it also meant that it was time for me to leave education and my comfort zone and take my first steps into the working world!

This being said, Cardiff Met really did help to prepare me for the world of work.

The thought of leaving uni for the real world was a scary one but it’s working out well so far!

During my time at university I was encouraged to seek a range of work experience opportunities, as this would better allow me to find a role in events that particularly interested me, and to discover the career path I would like to pursue. One of the opportunities that I took on was with an organisation called Grapevine Event Management, who specialise in corporate events.

Some of the events Grapevine work on are pretty big, like the Fast Growth 50 Awards

Whilst on placement with them during my uni days, I had the privilege of working at events such as the Wales Start-Up Awards, Fast Growth 50 Awards, Cardiff Business Awards, various Cardiff Business Club events and more! My duties at these events included a whole range of things – venue preparation, which required me to ensure the final touches were made, registering delegates as they arrived and assisting with the presentation of the awards.

The perks of the job were definitely a real bonus –  I would dine and network with some truly inspirational business men and women. It was from working with Grapevine that I found my passion for corporate events.

It’s great to be able to work on events with people like Welsh celebrity Jamie Owen.

Since graduating, I have become a full-time employee at Grapevine as their Events Assistant. I have already learned so much in the short amount of time I have worked for them, and it has been a privilege to see, and be a part of, all the preparation that goes into organising these prestigious events.

One of the responsibilities in my new role includes managing social media for company and its events. This involves posting regular updates across various platforms and updating the websites for numerous events – posting the latest candidates and winners for various award ceremonies for example – as well as running a blog on the company website.

My other responsibilities include everything from liaising with suppliers, keeping attendees informed regarding the events they are attending and all sorts of other day-to-day tasks that help keep the events running smoothly.

There’s lots of variety in an events role, that’s one of the reasons why I love it!

I highly recommend that you grab all work experience opportunities with both hands whilst you’re in university, as you never know where they might take you. We are lucky to be in an ever-growing city, so there are fantastic opportunities around every corner.

I am grateful that my experiences while studying Events Management at Cardiff Met have led me to a career in something I am passionate about.

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