February 24, 2020

Julie in the studio

I have always been passionate about Interior Design. As a child I was forever building models and furniture with card. As an adult, I sketched and oversaw a remodel of the rear of my home into a space that is functional and fun for my busy family.

Whilst design is my passion, I also actively enjoy other arts including photography and architecture. I have watched so many other people on design and renovation programmes over the years, it’s hard to believe I am finally doing what I love myself!

Becoming a student happened so quickly for me. In June 2019 I was a project manager in a Government department, by September I was in university. It isn’t often like that of course, but I was offered the opportunity so I took it with both hands.  

After a conversation with the Programme Director, who looked at my portfolio of work, I was offered a place – one of the happiest days of my life.

Julie in the studio
It’s great to be doing what I love

Cardiff School of Art and Design has some incredible course related facilities. There’s also a free gym, plenty of cafes and restaurants and of course a bar, while Cardiff city centre is only a 10 minute bike ride away.

But what really struck me on the day of the offer was the care taken by the staff I met, and the incredible learning opportunities that take in lots of other disciplines.

As a student I am encouraged to be unique, to stretch my ideas and to fully use the university’s facilities. I love seeing other students’ work as we can all learn so much from each other. I feel I am encouraged to be a well-rounded designer, and I learn so much from lectures, enabling me to be the best that I can be.

It has been a busy few months so far but entirely manageable. I am a wife, and mum to three teenage children, and comfortably manage my work so that it does not impact on my family. There are of course core lectures that I have to be there for, but there is flexibility around these to complete work to the deadlines.

The university also promotes an approach it calls EDGE – it works with us to improve our Ethical, Digital, Global and Entrepreneurial skills, and encourages us to consider these important elements in our design work. There are also opportunities to travel to other countries to help us develop even further.

Julie working on a model
Cardiff School of Art and Design has helped me to grow so much already

As a mature student, Cardiff Metropolitan University is helping me make the leap from an amateur to a professional interior designer. It’s enabling me to learn and grow so that I practice as a designer in a mindful way.

Every day I walk to University with a spring in my step knowing that I will be what I have always wanted to be. Look out in 2022 when I graduate!