March 26, 2020

Magdalena Kroliczak in NYC

Visiting New York as a BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing Management student was an experience of a lifetime; fun, educational and definitely very cold!

As a BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing Management student I was excited for my second visit to the city, however this time with a different perspective. Around New York you see inspiration for fashion around every corner, from locals to people coming from around the globe to visit the city!

DAY 1 – After a very long flight from HTR to JFK, we made our way to our hotel seeing New York’s skyline as we drove into the city from the airport. We then made our way to the Empire State Building, which was breath-taking at night! Seeing the whole city from above was the perfect start to our trip.  

DAY 2 – To start our first full day we made our way to visit the Macy’s store. We had a tour around the huge department store, followed by a special discount to further our ‘retail research’! On this tour we got to find out more about the history behind the store, and how it grew to be the famous retailer that it is today. We spent the rest of the day, exploring the city including Times Square in the evening, which was beautiful.

DAY 3 – We had the opportunity to visit the Fashion Institute of Technology followed by a visit to their museum. We were able to learn more about the similarities and differences between the education systems at both Universities, as well as what they have to offer and what courses are available. We also met fellow students which do a very similar course to Cardiff Met’s BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing Management, who gave us more insight into life in New York as a fashion student.

After our University visit, we attended the current exhibition at the FIT museum which showcased clothing from Christian Dior, Gianni Versace, Chanel and Off White. All of which were stunning pieces of art!

Magda in Central park
We spent our free time exploring everything the city has to offer

DAY 4 – On our last full day we wanted to make the most of the time left, which mostly involved shopping, exploring different streets around New York, and taking many Starbucks breaks to try their ‘secret menu’ drinks. After a long day of walking (and trust me we walked a lot during the entire trip!) we decided to freshen ourselves up for our last dinner in New York. We chose to go to the heart of the city, Times Square, to dine at the Hard Rock Café.

FMM students in NYC
Visiting NYC together has made us grow closer as a group of friends

DAY 5 – Once we had checked out of the hotel, we had a couple of hours before heading off to JFK. We decided to take a walk to Central Park, and reminisce about the last few days that we had experienced in the most amazing city. After enjoying the morning in Central Park, we decided to head back to the hotel, have our last Chipotle (which was incredible!) and wait for our transfer to the airport.

The memories that I have made on this trip will last a lifetime, and so will the blisters after all the walking as much as we did over the trip! Visiting New York with Cardiff Met has not only made us grow closer as a group of friends, but has also inspired me academically.