October 2, 2017

Elise with Irene and David

Along with hundreds of other students, I started uni at Cardiff Met this year. I wanted to share my experience so far in a personal and realistic way – so here are 5 things I learned as a fashion student during Freshers’ Week!

1. Make An Impression



Here I am working on my final garment for the David Emanuel exhibition


Pretty much the most socially terrifying thing that will ever happen to you is ether moving into halls or walking into your first lecture. But it’s okay – because you have the power to make that first impression whatever you like. Be yourself, be friendly and be different! But mostly remember that everyone else will feel just as nervous.


As much of a cliche as it may be… saying hello and introducing yourself to every person you meet will boost your confidence and help with settling in more than you can imagine. Especially if you’re a fashion student like me, think about an attribute you want to be remembered by on that first day. Don’t be afraid to stand out and just remember… “you can never be overdressed or overeducated”.


2. Location Settings = ON



Working hard on final touches, using the lock stitch industrial machines!


I mean this metaphorically and literally. Most students have just moved away from their home town, and therefore as a Fresher you can be more vulnerable, so get to know the town. Whether it’s The Bay or Tiger, Tiger knowing where you are and where the best places to be on a Saturday night are is a complete must.


As for metaphorically turning that location on, remember where you are and why you came. For me this is my opportunity to follow my dream of becoming a designer. So remember when you’re in a workshop or a lecture why you want to be an artist/designer etc… you will be treated like an adult,  therefore you need to act like one – so be punctual, be polite and be mindful.


3. It’s a rich mans world (but not for students)



One of the best places for food is the city centre! This is an amazing pizza and wedges from The Stable – 10/10!


One thing as students we have in common is we will all suffer from beer goggles and dollar goggles! We may think we have hit the motherlode when that sweet 4 digit number appears on our screens but DON’T BE FOOLED. This isn’t The Sims and we can’t enter a cheat code when it’s all gone!


Being a fashion student, how can you cope? The best advice is to get a job and spend all those hard earned wages on a ridiculously priced dress you will wear on one night out and never like again. If all else fails, think of the money this degree will eventually earn you, then Chanel and YSL will be your only direct debit- although let’s be honest – it’s more likely to be spent on something adult-like e.g. a mortgage or buying your own washing powder!


Positive thinking though, because if you’re lucky enough to be studying fashion Design at Cardiff Met this year, there is a trip in February to Milan – so bear this in mind when you next see that bright red SALE sign screaming your name!


4. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time



Cardiff nightlife is incredible, on one of my first nights I was lucky enough to go to the silent disco held at Tiger Tiger


This is the most self-explanatory step. As a Fresher it’s healthy to go out, meet new people and have a painfully over-priced vodka and coke at revs on a Thursday night – while somehow mentally oblivious to the fact that tomorrow is still Friday, which means a 9am lecture and look who’s hung over. So just remember tip no.1 about 1st impressions, because walking in 15 minutes late with last night’s make-up on is something don’t want to be remembered for!


5. Balance is the key


david emanuel

This is me and my course mate Charlie, with the man himself, David Emanuel!


The key to surviving anything in life is balance –  this idea has been most relevant in my Freshers experience so far. It’s all about balancing your social, work and home life, as well as maintaining relationships with everyone you know and love. My balance this week was creating new memories while also creating a new garment for international designer and couturier David Emanuel to view (yes, this is real life. I met him).


Overall Freshers is an awesome, jam-packed week full of excitement and new beginnings. You will find out so much about your course and yourself – so be ready to work and design, and mostly be ready to love your life at uni!


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